Silent Falcon E1 Surpasses 500 Hours of Flight Test Time

 Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies (SFUAS), an Albuquerque-based UAS service provider and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) announced that the Silent Falcon E1 UAV has completed 500 hours of successful flight testing and operations. The E1 is a solar electric, fixed wing, Unmanned Aircraft System. It is noise-free, emission-free, and provides long-range, low-cost ISR capability. With a payload capacity of 20 lbs. and a ceiling of 20,000 feet AGL, the E1 is an ideal platform for data collection in both harsh and peaceful environments.

SFUAS is a leading company in the UAS field, with an application pending before the FAA for type certification of the E1. Successfully passing 500 hours of flight is a significant milestone for the E1, confirming for federal regulators that it is a safe and durable aircraft model. The full line of SFUAS products, services, and support is now available via GSA Contract No. GS07F248BA.

Silent Falcon aircraft have operated in eight foreign countries and are not ITAR restricted. All SFUAS products, including the E1, are designed, built, and sourced to ensure that there are no parts containing Chinese content.

The company supports the American workforce by using its own US design and manufactures aircraft, sensors, and software in New Mexico.

The E1 is ideal for consumers who do not have the expertise to operate their own UAS, as SFUAS provides full service as well as sales. SFUAS provides a full turnkey collection of data analysis, reports, and storage services. A unique analysis and software team provides world-class analysis and data fusion with airborne data collection, providing a one of a kind report that will give your team highly accurate and advanced data collection capabilities.

Major advantages of the Silent Falcon E1 platform include:

  • Long-range
  • Long endurance
  • Vibration-free for improved sensor resolution
  • Emission-free to improve environment and decrease detection in hostile environments
  • Noise Free to improve operations in populated and hostile environments
  • Operates from less than 100 ft x 100 ft area.
  • BVLOS capable with a live feed
  • Airdrop capable: 60 day/1200 flight hour per month self-sustainment kit available
  • Conventional/VTOL or catapult launch
  • Conventional/VTOL or parachute recovery
  • 4-20+ hour duration configurations.
  • 12 different sensor types and growing
  • 1mm resolution/1cm resolution standard packages available.

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