UAVOS’s Robinson Unmanned Helicopter Extends Application Range

UAVOS has announced that it has unveiled its converted Robinson manned helicopter into unmanned aircraft R-22 as a cargo and farthest range delivery drone. It features a payload capacity of 180 kilograms or 400 pounds and a travel distance of up to 1020 km.

R-22 unmanned helicopter is designed for both cargo delivery and humanitarian / disaster relief applications. Failure to deliver vital equipment under austere operating conditions and timelines can incur substantial fiscal costs, making Robinson’s all-weather capabilities particularly valuable. This also opens up new possibilities for safely and efficiently transporting goods in a variety of industries.

Another is the disaster relief mission – where R-22 can bring food, fuel, water, supplies, medicine, communications and even electrical power to areas that are hard-hit by natural or man- made disasters. The specific advantages that heavy-lift cargo R-22 unmanned helicopter represents:

  • Due to its long-endurance capability (6 hours), and ability to operate in harsh weather conditions, in both land and maritime environments, the R-22 is a perfect solution for delivery missions.
  • Ability to operate in high winds, during weather-related disasters, and night operations.
  • Carry a cargo load of up to 180 kilograms or 400 pounds.
  • Cargo dropping at specified location. R-22 can be used in numerous missions and scenarios requiring cargo delivery such as providing lifesaving measures (communication device, a bottle of water, floating device, etc.) in search and rescue (S&R) missions,
    dropping of essential material such as drugs in an epidemic situation, etc..
  • Cargo delivery to the most remote parts of the Earth.
  • Transporting goods taken from a large cargo aircraft. That allows for a “pop-up” distribution center at an airport, where our R-22 can land, cargo handlers can unload the cargo and then R-22 backs haul cargo to the main logistics base transporting goods taken from a large cargo aircraft.
  • All-terrain capable.

Specifications of the Robinson UAS platform include:
Takeoff and landing: fully automatic
Level surface: 15 x15m
Maximum cruising speed: 160km/h
Payload with full fuel tank: 40kg
Max. takeoff weight: 635kg
Operational range: 1020km
Endurance: 6h
Service ceiling: 4200km

UAVOS’s CEO, Aliaksei Stratsilatau, commented: “The cargo companies only make money when that cargo gets to its destination, and our R-22 is their “guarantee” at any time, and any weather conditions, which makes it a very attractive prospect for any cargo company“.

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