Measure Ground Control Integrates with SAP to Deliver Streamlined Asset Management

Measure has developed an integration between its drone program management software, Ground Control™, and SAP enterprise asset management software that allows asset owners to manage defects and repairs in a more efficient and seamless way.


Working closely with their partner AES, a Fortune 500 global power company, Measure created a solution that gives control over the inspection data analysis process back to asset owners and improves turnaround time for repairs by automating work order notifications in SAP. Download the complete case study and view a video of the process here.


Measure Ground Control manages the complete drone workflow and includes third-party data analysis tools where asset owners can upload inspection imagery, annotate, and view results without ever leaving the platform. Measure also connected data results with SAP so that work order notifications can be automated. For example, AES has requested that when a Level 4 or 5 wind turbine defect is identified, a notification for a work order is automatically sent to SAP, and includes necessary information such as asset name, location, and blade number. This automated solution eliminates the need to manually enter notifications into SAP.


For non-critical defects, analysts can select the asset inspection results they’d like to send to SAP and add them to a cart via a checkout process in Ground Control. For an example of how the entire process works for a wind turbine inspection, you can view Measure’s case study here.


“The sooner we can get defect information into the hands of our asset managers, the better we are equipped to limit the loss associated with that defect,” says Andrew Brody, Performance Engineer at AES. “With this integration, we have streamlined our processes and cut down on the time from inspection to repair, which improves overall asset performance.”


“This Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) integration is a huge milestone for Measure Ground Control as it allows us to help our users manage defects in a seamless way and identify changes and trends on the same assets over time” says Grant Furick, VP of Digital Products at Measure. “We’re really proud of how we’ve simplified the digital aspect of asset
management and we’re excited for the possibilities this functionality brings to the table for our customers.”


If you have questions about integrating Ground Control with your asset management systems, get in touch with Measure here.

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