DoD Invites Atlas to Demonstrate UAS at Thunderstorm Demonstration and Experimentation Event in New York City

Atlas, a global leader in autonomous unmanned aerial systems (UAS), was invited by the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD (R&E)) Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) to perform a demonstration of its flagship UAS, AtlasPRO, at the Thunderstorm 19-2 Multi-Domain Operations Demonstration and Experimentation Event held in New York City.

The static demonstration showcased AtlasPRO’s multi-domain capabilities in extreme terrain and was presented to the RRTO, Georgia Tech Research Institute, local first responders, and U.S. Military and State Government officials. Atlas highlighted its MESH capability that allows a single operator to command and control a UAS network from a unified Ground Control System and divide missions among several UAS. The MESH capabilities also resolve key operational bottle-necks and perpetual mission challenges of endurance, range and team coordination. Atlas addresses these challenges by providing a constant “eye in the sky” above a point of interest using Hot-Swap, enabling continuous communication in BVLOS scenarios leveraging its drone relay capabilities, and provides a comprehensive mission perspective for forces on the ground using multi-stream technology – from one UAS to numerous GCS, C2 stations and tactical devices.

In addition, AtlasSDK enables UAS integration into legacy systems to become part of a seamless, holistic deployment of technology in extreme operational environments.

“On the battlefield or at an urban emergency situation, latency and a lack of visibility cost lives,” said Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO and founder of Atlas. “We are proud that the U.S. Army recognizes how Atlas is advancing UAS and MESH technology to meet mission objectives more effectively, better equip our soldiers and first responders with the tools they need to maintain dominance on the battlefield and save lives.”

Military operations require advanced technological tools to accomplish mission objectives in complex urban environments and autonomous UAS are increasingly facilitating the conduct of operations, helping to save countless lives. Atlas’ demonstration of its AtlasPRO and MESH capabilities at Thunderstorm recognizes the company’s groundbreaking UAS innovations that are meeting a wide variety of multi-domain operational needs. It also signals the U.S. Military’s increasing interest and investment in innovative technologies, such as autonomous UAS, that are transforming military operations around the world.


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