International Workshop On Drone-based NavAids Measurements Organised By Colibrex

LS telcom‘s subsidiary Colibrex organizes a workshop on drone-based systems for navigational aid inspection on 5th – 6th November 2019 at Baden-Airpark, Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport in South Germany. During the workshop, Colibrex will present its instrument landing system (ILS) measurement technology via drone and will conduct several NavAidDrone flights in and around Baden-Airpark airport to demonstrate the live measurements of its drone-based system. The NavAidDrone is used for field measurements required for commissioning and regular maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and other NavAids systems like VOR. Baden-Airpark airport is equipped with Instrument Landing System CAT III.

The workshop will also cover the following topics:

  • Challenges when measuring ILS signals on a moving and overhanging platform
  • Comprehensive system integration as key for accurate ILS measurements
  • Software-based NAVAID inspection workflow as a facilitator for CNS engineers
  • Drone-based VOR measurements
  • Absolute field strengths measurements for applications such as GBAS
  • Possibilities of drone-based measurements for navigation radars

Luc Haeberlé, Managing Director of Colibrex explains, “Showing live measurements of our NavAidDrone under real conditions is the best way to demonstrate the capabilities and different use cases of our solution to air navigation service providers, NAVAID system manufacturers and CNS installation and maintenance service engineers. They can gain insight into the quality and precision of the measurement results and the workflows to be implemented around the solution, and they will see how little, if at all, the drone intervenes with airport operations. We are looking forward to presenting the many advantages of the drone-based NAVAID measurements compared to conventional solutions. It is the first event related to drone technology applied to NAVAID measurements.”

There will also be time for networking and discussion among the attendants and experts.


For further information on the event download the workshop flyer or go to the Colibrex website.

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