GeoCue Group Introduces Subscription Pricing Model to the Drone LIDAR Market

GeoCue Group introduces their new hardware as a service (HaaS) Evergreen Subscription for their True View UAV LIDAR/Imagery Fusion Sensors to the drone industry.

GeoCue Group has introduced a unique business model that provides customers access to the True View 410 LIDAR/dual camera imaging sensor under an “Evergreen” subscription pricing model. A True View 410 subscription includes the sensor hardware, all processing software, maintenance and support. This package provides a turnkey system to ensure your projects are easily and successfully completed. The DJI M600 drone platform (not included) is recommended.

How it Works
The subscription model is based on minutes of sensor motion (kinematic minutes or “kinmin”) with a minimum monthly requirement. At the start of each month, customers receive 3,250 True View Points. These points convert into flight minutes based on the usage and choice of positioning solution (Local Base, Smart Base, PP-RTX). With 3,250 True View Points, customers can process about 20 projects of 20 hectares (50 acres) each using a local base station. If customers find they need more flight time, additional points can be purchased.

GeoCue realizes how critical it is to have functioning equipment when the project is ready for flying. If a True View 410 should fail, GeoCue will exchange the sensor with a replacement sensor within 2 business days (USA).

Under this business model, customers are effectively subscribing to the full True View solution. GeoCue understands that some projects take less/more time than others. We offer subscription periods as short as one month. The base cost for the one-month subscription is $5,900. The longer you commit to your subscription, the lower your monthly base cost will be.
During your subscription period you will receive both software and hardware updates as they occur. This keeps your technology in an “evergreen” state, and if you end up realizing that a traditional purchase is more practical for the future, your subscription can be terminated, allowing you to purchase a system at any time!

Not only does this subscription model allow you to explore drone LIDAR mapping at very low risk, it is also an excellent model for seasonal use and surge capacity.


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