UAV Navigation Is Proud To Announce Its Collaboration With Zanzottera

Internal combustion engines continue to be commonly used for powering unmanned vehicles, and in particular UAVs. In order to allow the autopilot (and by extension the operator) to control such an engine it is vital to ensure correct communications between the autopilot and the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU not only provides throttle control, but it also feeds back important information to the ground control station about the engine’s performance and status; common parameters include: cylinder head temperature, exhaust gas temperature, fuel pressure and flow rate, RPM etc.


UAV Navigation is proud to announce its collaboration with Zanzottera, the Italian manufacturer of high performance engines for UAV platforms. The extensive I/O capabilities of the VECTOR autopilot allow for two-way transmission of critical data between the autopilot and Zanzottera ECUs. The technical teams from both companies have worked together to provide turn-key solutions to UAV platform manufacturers looking for a fully integrated engine and autopilot solution. A number of onsite visits and extensive testing has ensured that the production of the ECU software and autopilot drivers has been carried out and tested to the highest standards.


All engines manufactured by Zanzottera can now be controlled by UAV Navigation autopilots.


This collaboration is just another example of UAV Navigation’s policy to work side-by-side with the leading manufacturers in the UAV industry. This allows UAV Navigation’s clients the widest range of options for their platforms.


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