UAVOS Upgraded Unmanned Helicopter With A New Frame At DSEI

UAVOS proudly informs about the completion of work on upgrading its unmanned helicopter UVH EL with the advanced airframe. UVH EL is an electric powered UAV, equipped with a gimbal for day or night surveillance and has increased performance with carrying capacity, flying range, and extended temperature range. The UAV is powered by UAVOS’s autopilot. Take-off and landing, as well as missions, are carried out automatically. The upgraded UVH EL will be showcased
at DSEI 2019, in London.


Features of the upgraded UVH-EL include:

  • The spatial frame of the helicopter makes it possible to conveniently place the payload
    and easily adjust the center of mass of the aircraft.
  • The new design of the aircraft has high rigidity and low weight.
  • The helicopter encases in a compact package that can be easily transported in a
    passenger car.
  • The rechargeable battery module is located inside the helicopter’s bearing frame, which
    protects it from damage.
  • The open fuselage structure in the area of servo ​​actuators allows convenient control of
    the main mechanical elements of the helicopter, electrical wiring and other main
  • The chassis has been designed to fit the LiDAR installation.
  • The helicopter is equipped with a radio altimeter.
  • The emergency rescue system (parachute) has been improved.
  • The mainframe is made of standard carbon pipes with a diameter of 30 mm. This allowed to reduce the cost of helicopter production by 20 percent, making its price more attractive for customers.


The compact and lightweight UVH EL – offering extended endurance and range – can fly for 1.4 hours with the range of up to 67 km. The system carries a multi-sensor camera with day-or-night channels. With an estimated operating payload of 5 kg, the UVH EL targets both commercial and security applications.


“The common challenge we see in the market is the need for an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that produces actionable insights. Our latest model drone platform has been developed to address those requirements and break new ground in terms of what can be done with a drone, as well as who can operate it,” said Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS CEO and Lead developer.


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