Bees360 Launches An Industry-first AI-embedded Drone Application, BeesDrone™ 4.0

Today’s way of processing insurance claims and underwriting is soon to fade into history just as polaroid cameras for claims before. Artificial intelligence & big data has been gaining more & more traction in the insurance industry as insurance executives scramble to find the best solution for implementing a technology that is advancing quicker than the speed at which the insurance industry is accustomed to moving, a technology that has the ability to completely disrupt the landscape of how insurance inspections are handled and data is processed and analyzed.


Enter Bees360, Inc., who has just released its newest version of its drone App, BeesDrone™ 4.0, which takes away any doubt of the power of AI and how it can be immediately utilized. The BeesDrone™ 4.0 app achieves several key elements which makes it the go-to solution for insurance providers when it comes to how to utilize AI for underwriting and claims inspections.

  • Autonomous drone flights allow any inspector to easily inspect a roof in 5 minutes while eliminating the safety risk of walking a roof and significantly increasing the consistency and quality of the imagery being collected no matter the experience of the inspector. The increased quality of the data being collected lets both claims and underwriting staff make better informed decisions 

  • Real-Time Damage Assessment reports mean you get a detailed roof report returned through an AI-embedded application that will identify hail, wind and non-storm related damages while the inspector or adjuster is still on-site. Click link for sample report.

  • Intelligent drone flight ensures the angle of the camera is perpendicular to the roof slope for optimal capture of imagery on any pitched roof and the drone flies within the property boundary of the building being inspected providing peace of mind for privacy concerns


About Bees360

Bees360, Inc. is a team founded by PhD’s, academics and insurance experts whose collective background in data science, mathematics, insurance & roofing provide an unparalleled level of knowledge to build AI targeted for the insurance industry. Our mission is to equip the insurance industry with AI & machine learning that automates, collects and analyzes data for property claims & underwriting.


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