CATUAV Is Manufacturing And Testing A New Concept Banner Towing Drones

During last year our sister company CATUAV had been designing, manufacturing and testing a new drone concept for a novel application: pulling banners.


Traditional sky ads pulled with light manned aircraft have the high operating costs associated to any certified manned airplane.



Using drones enables the possibility of flying under 150m ASL, therefore, easier to be observed. This way the size of the banner can be reduced and the operating cost remarkably drops.


From the environmental point of view, these drones produce zero emissions and almost no noise.


BCN Drone Center has been training pilots from our customer, Annunzia, for such special drone application. This summer, the firm has been successfully conducting flight campaigns along the Catalan coast and the Balearic islands. Every day, more companies like LIDL, Decathlon, Carrefour or Burger King decide to switch from manned sky ads, to unmanned ones.

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