Drone Rescue Systems GmbH Is “Born Global Champion”

The Foreign Trade Austria, Internationalization and Innovation Agency of the Austrian Economic Chamber
named the parachute safety solution manufacturer Drone Rescue Systems “Born Global Champion” 2019.
The award is presented every year to young Austrian companies with innovative products and success

The award highlights Drone Rescue Systems and the other winners’ early international orientation and thus
their contribution to the Austrian export economy. “We are very pleased that our products and our global
approach convinced the jury to select us out of 200 competitors as”Global Born Champion”, said Andreas
Ploier, CEO and co-founder.

Part of the award is to further support Drone Rescue Systems in its internationalization through using the large
network of 100 Austrian foreign trade centers, participation in various “go-international” programs as well as,
for the first time, trade fair support for start-ups.

Drone Rescue Systems GmbH, awarded by the European Space Agency (ESNC-2016), developed the fastest and
most efficient parachute safety solution for drones available on the market right now. The parachute safety
solution works autonomously and independently from the drone and ejects the parachute in a fraction of a
second, enabling safe commercial and private drone usage even over crowded places.


The main goals of the Drone Rescue products are to reduce the risk of harming people on the ground and to
bring down the expensive equipment safely when the drone malfunctions while in flight.


For more information visit www.dronerescue.com

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