UAV Company Aero Composites Innovations Has Obtained The AS 9100 Certification

AC-Innov has been awarded the internationally recognized quality system standard EN/AS/JISQ 9100 certification for quality management systems in the aviation, space and defense industry by AFNOR (the French National Organization for Standardization).


Based on ISO 9000 requirements, EN 9100 puts a particular focus on quality, safety and technology in all disciplines throughout the aerospace industry, and along the entire supply chain. It applies to every domain whether civil or military. Aero Composites Innovations is therefore, reinforced in its capacity at designing and developing innovative and unique UAVs and UASs.

As a very small innovative start-up, AC-Innov achievement was not only possible by a strong commitment from the company management but with the support and the dedication of all its employees. This, in itself, shows the evidence that its quality processes and management meet all requirements of customers and regulatory authorities


“The EN 9100 certification, delivered with the ISO 9001 certification, is coming right after AC-Innov signed a collaboration/partnership contract with the ONERA (Office National d’Études et Recherches Aérospatiales -FRANCE-) during the 2019 Paris Air Show. It sustains our commitment to further develop our line of rhomboidal aircraft as we consider this to be a disruptive technology that will shape up the future of air travel/transport”.


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