Airobotics Unveils First In-House Developed Payload at Security & Defense Expo

Leading automated drone startup, Airobotics, today unveiled a highly drone-stabilized payload for inspection and security applications at ADS’ 2019 Warrior Expo East. Named Trion, this payload marks Airobotics’ first in-house developed and manufactured sensor for the market—available both with and independent of—its leading automated drone hardware and data insights platform.


Weighing less than 1.2 kg and small in dimension, Airobotics’ Trion is a high-definition, Electro-Optical and InfraRed gyro-stabilized payload. Trion pushes the limits on existing and competing capabilities of stabilized payloads available today. Designed for superior performance, Trion carries a unique set of advanced capabilities for object identification, real-time tracking and comprehensive data harvesting.


“At ADS, we actively seek out innovative, quality and cost-effective solutions for our customers,” said Ryan Angold, ADS’ Vice President of Markets. “Additionally, we believe that our partnership with Airobotics will greatly enhance the customer experience and provide a market-leading solution for critical security and inspection applications.”


“We look forward to having ADS as a strategic partner and are confident in the results we can achieve,” added Ran Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder at Airobotics. “We are pleased to offer Airobotics’ powerful and highly stabilized Trion payload to the broader market that will grant professionals with the ability to capture more accurate data for fast decision-making in the most demanding circumstances.”


The highly advanced Trion payload provides day-and-night observation, surveillance, and targeting capabilities at long ranges and in adverse conditions. Integrated with Airobotics data insights platform, additional features include tag and tracking of security incidents, allowing for real-time insights to fuel informed decision-making. Additionally, Trion offers a high-resolution HD day camera with powerful continuous optical zoom and continuous 360-degree panoramic capabilities.


Designed for maximum versatility, Trion can be seamlessly integrated into Airobotics’ automated drone platform, or other UAS, vehicles, platforms and ground applications, enabling increased flexibility for data collection, detection and analysis to obtain valuable insights.


Visit Airobotics: During exhibit hall hours, visit Booth 729 at 2019 Warrior Expo East on July 10-11, 2019. Learn how Airobotics helps companies and governments worldwide leverage high-frequency drone data and insights to provide critical intelligence for inspection, security, threat detection and emergency response.


Airobotics has achieved a number of major milestones, including:

Integration of LiDAR into its Automated Drone Platform: Airobotics introduced aerial LiDAR capabilities to deliver rapid precision scans across the value chain for industries including property inspection, construction and industrial facilities. Airobotics’ LiDAR significantly reduces the time it takes for aerial data to be collected, even at night or in low light, and allows for rapid turn-around time on data processing.


Obtained CASA Approval for BVLOS Drone Flights from Remote Operations Center: Airobotics recently made Australian aviation history by obtaining the nation’s first and only Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approval to operate automated multi-rotor drones from its Remote Operations Center (ROC) beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) with no aircrew needed at the client site.


Advancements of Aviation Regulation with FAA BVLOS Waiver: Airobotics is now the first company in the US to receive a Certificate of Waiver (CoW) from the FAA that combines three elements: flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) for automated drone operations, over human beings, with a visual observer that is not required to keep a visual line of sight on the drone. This waiver permits Airobotics to operate drones from the company’s Remote Operations Center in Scottsdale, AZ.

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