K2 Industrial Services, Drone Services, LLC and Censys Technologies Are Bringing Drone Based Inspections to the Midwest

Energy and utility inspections have long been conducted internally and externally with manpower by industrial service companies. K2, an ASRC Industrial Services Company, is expanding their inspection services to many specialized fields including power plants, transmission and renewable energy. When working with power plants, they will be able to conduct inspections of stacks, tanks, boilers, roofing, oily waste ponds, piping, and more. For transmission and renewable energy needs, K2 will focus on transformer oil levels, infrastructure, vegetation, tunnels, transmission lines, pipelines, wind farms, solar panels, as well as security inspections.

With a growing number of inspections to be done, K2 has made the decision to begin implementing the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), or drones, to streamline and expand their operations by entering a strategic partnership with Censys Technologies and Drone Services, LLC. Instead of opting for a single company that produces and utilizes both, K2 made the decision to work with two separate entities that are experts in drone technology to collaborate and deliver cost effective inspection services across a variety of applications to K2’s customers.

Drone Services, LLC has been changing the status quo of traditional inspection methods to the industrial, oil & gas, and utility industries. With their fleet of Confined Space & Hazardous Area inspection drones, their Gas Leak Detection capabilities, and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging sensors, Drone Services will be helping K2 provide a superior internal inspection service to their customers. This will be done by mitigating human risk, reducing downtimes, and lowering costs on K2’s reliability and maintenance inspection needs. A wide range of applications ranging from tanks and stacks, to wind farms, solar fields, and everything in between, K2 will now have the tools and partners to build a high-tech reliability and
maintenance program not yet seen in the industry.

Censys Technologies sUAS expedite K2’s external inspection processes by enabling flight Beyond Visual Line of Sight. Drone Services, LLC will be able to handle up to 50 miles a day worth of hazard assessment and vegetation management patrols on behalf of K2 using Censys-made aircraft.


With a self-contained GCS, in the form of a Mobile Operations Center, Drone Services can inspect long and linear infrastructure at a rate most service providers cannot offer. At a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial
patrols using helicopters, and with greatly reduced risk, this offering is poised to change the industrial inspection landscape for years to come.


For more information visit censystech.com

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