MMC Signed Deal with Aeronext on Joint Development of 4D Gravity Drone

China’s largest industrial UAV manufacturer MMC (Micromulticopter Aviation) signed deal with Aeronext on joint development of 4D Gravity drone on June 20th in Shenzhen. The two companies will jointly bring into implementation the idea of 4D gravity drone which features gravity controlling technology to further the expansion of UAV-Ecosystem. The president of MMC Zhihui Lu and the CEO of Aeronext Toji Keisuke attended the signing ceremony held on June 20th, 2019 at the 4th Shenzhen International UAV EXPO.


The new drone boasts higher stability to the extent of capable of delivering a bowl of noodle without spilling out a drop of soup. In addition, the 4D Gravity drone undergoes drastic change in its structure for higher stability and reliability to broaden its applicable industrial areas. Ever since the launch of MMC UAV-Ecosystem in September of 2018, MMC has been insistently expanding the ecosystem with an “open to cooperation and share for win-win” mindset. The cooperation with Aeronext is based on the robust R&D advantage and UAV manufacturing capability of MMC who aims to boost the realization of innovative UAV idea and aligns with industry partners to trailblaze new UAV frontier, thus creating a more diversified UAV-Ecosystem.


About MMC

MMC is a leading company in industrial UAV that is devoted to producing high-performance UAV. With its industrial chain integration advantage, the company offers excellent UAV solutions in areas like inspection, public safety, search & rescue, surveying & mapping, environmental protection and many more to help people work with greater safety, higher efficiency and lower cost.




About Aeronext Inc.

In order to develop the optimal design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and multicopter airframes, Aeronext researches drone architecture. Aeronext’s guiding principle for drone architecture is attitude control, and its center of gravity control technology, 4D GRAVITY®. 4D GRAVITY® is the core of multiple strengths Aeronext brings to drone architecture.



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