Fortem Technologies Launches SkyDome v.2.4 Featuring New ThreatAware Analysis

Fortem Technologies, Inc., the award-winning leader in airspace awareness, safety and security for an autonomous world, announced today the launch of SkyDome v. 2.4, an AI-enabled, API friendly platform that allows approved drones to fly safely and rogue drones to be mitigated. A major addition to the SkyDome platform, ThreatAware™ is Fortem’s robust, AI analysis engine that assesses data from multiple sensors and sources in real-time, providing continuous threat levels for multiple objects in the environment. This powerful tool identifies site-specific patterns-of-life and empowers security personnel to have total situational awareness, threat alerts, and to make informed integrated response decisions.


Fortem SkyDome v2.4 provides security personnel with unprecedented visibility into the airspace around them, enabling 3D ground-to-air coverage. The solution can be networked to cover any area and can track hundreds of objects simultaneously without causing disruption to day-to-day operations. With SkyDome v2.4 users can create zones, geo-cages and rules around existing infrastructures, landscapes, and environments, allowing for an optimized and customized solution that is foundational for any multi-layered security system. Objects in the airspace that pose a threat can be safely removed by Fortem DroneHunter,™ a security drone that can autonomously pursue and capture nefarious and problematic drones with a net gun, then tow them to the ground.

“In the last few months, drones have caused delays and airport-wide closures affecting hundreds of thousands of people,” said Fortem Technologies CEO, Timothy Bean. “Recently, an unauthorized drone entered Fenway Park during a Red Sox game, causing a game-altering disruption. The drone was able to breach Fenway’s radio frequency (RF) geofence, breaking FAA regulations of the no-fly zone because it emitted no radio frequency. Fortem SkyDome is the only solution that could detect this kind of breach, alerting authorities in advance and giving them the chance to stop the drone via a number of mitigation tactics.”

“These types of drone-related incidents have shown us that the need for a radar-based airspace detection and mitigation solution is dire,” said Bean. “SkyDome v2.4 is the most accurate, all-encompassing and cost-effective airspace detection, mapping and security solution that exists on the market today because it can detect even the RF-silent drones that criminals routinely use.”

“We count on the Fortem SkyDome solution to provide an added layer of safety and security to our performances,” said  Matt Quinn, CEO Great Lakes Drone Company. “Their ability to detect drones in the airspace when they shouldn’t be there allows us to provide safe operations for the two largest aviation events in the world, including three of the AOPA Fly-In’s in 2019. This helps take safety to a whole new level for everyone.”

SkyDome v2.4’s API allows for third-party systems and sensors to be cued from its data outputs. The APIs also allow it to integrate data from other sensors and sources.

In related news, Fortem continued its international growth fueled with an additional investment of $14.5 million from leading investors. Fortem is now deploying its flagship SkyDome products globally to mitigate drone threats and enable urban air mobility. Fortem’s total funding to date is over $35 million and the company has attracted major customers to protect airspace in verticals such as airports, stadiums and defense across the US, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.

About Fortem Technologies

Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, safety, and security for an autonomous world. Fortem’s end-to-end solutions provide the location of all objects in the sky over designated areas – from sites to cities or entire regions – to create, manage, police and enforce designated boundaries autonomously. Some of the world’s leading airports, hospitals, sports stadiums and defense establishments use Fortem’s innovative technologies. Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the company is privately held and backed by DCVC, Boeing, Signia Venture Partners, Mubadala Capital Ventures, and others.


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