DroneShield Ltd  Announces That It Has Shipped The First Order Of RfPatrol

DroneShield Ltd  is pleased to announce that it has shipped the first order of RfPatrolTM, a body worn drone detector, to a Western military customer. The initial small quantity of the units will be used for an expedited evaluation by the customer, with a view for subsequent larger purchases and rollout of the product. This shipment comes only approximately a month after the Company announced the launch of RfPatrolTM.


DroneShield’s CEO Oleg Vornik commented, “DroneShield continues to lead the counter-drone market globally with rapid development, rollout and first customer purchase of the RfPatrol product line. Key differentiators between DroneShield and its competition include products which are evaluated and actually deployed downrange (in the field), and our ability to provide a range of dismounted warfighter and fixed site/mobile detection and defeat products. This customer shipment continues to reinforce these differentiating features and our leadership in the space, as the counter-drone market continues to rapidly grow. We also continue to work on shortening the sales cycle, as demonstrated by this shipment only approximately a month after the launch of the product.”


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