XAG and Bayer To Deepen Strategic Partnership and Accelerate Digital Farming Process In Japan

President and Representative Director of Bayer CropScience K.K. Dr. Harald Printz, along with his marketing and sales team, recently paid a visit to XAG’s headquarter to further strengthen the partnership between the two companies. Bayer is a global leading life science corporation in the realm of agrochemical and environmental science. XAG, a Chinese agri-tech pioneer, has developed cutting-edge patented technologies including drones, precision spraying, remote sensing, agriculture AI and Internet of Things (IoT).


XAG’s CEO Peng Bin and co-founder Justin Gong attended a series of intensive meetings with delegates from Bayer to orchestrate a blueprint for mutual business development while discussing how to build a sustainable agroecosystem with science and high-tech in the Japanese market.


Japan is now facing an aging population and a severe shortage of agriculture labor, attributed to the falling birth rate and young people’s increasing reluctance to accept a farm-related job, which is being stigmatized as dirty and dull. To save the shrinking agriculture sector and achieve food self-sufficiency, Japan has started to embrace the drone technology and gradually lessens its regulations toward agriculture UAS (Unmanned Aerial System).


Taking advantage of this opportunity, XAG and Bayer will further advance its step to bring intelligent agriculture solutions such as UAS plant protection, UAS remote sensing and agriculture IoT to the local communities in Japan. This will help the economy improve field productivity and food value while reducing labor costs and minimizing the use of pesticides.


In 2018, XAG signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Bayer CropScience K.K. to jointly promote the local application of agriculture UAS and provide customized plant protection service to over 1.37 million farmers in Japan. Having passed a series of strict verification on crop spraying and obtained approval from Japan Agriculture Aviation Association, XAG has successfully grown its presence in Japan’s agri-tech market.


Now with deepened cooperation, XAG and Bayer will focus on developing new technologies and new business patterns to achieve sustainable agriculture development in Japan. Whilst continuously conducting research on UAS-specialized pesticides and spraying prescriptions for plant protection, the two companies will leverage their own strengths to build a digital agriculture platform. For instance, XAG’s survey UAS XMission, equipped with a high-definition imaging camera or multi-spectrum camera, can precisely conduct aerial operation in different scenarios ranging from field mapping, remote sensing monitoring to collecting information on crop growth. These real-time data acquisitions will lay a solid foundation on agriculture digitalization.


In addition, XAG and Bayer, together with Alibaba Rural Taobao, have initiated the Sustainable Farming Programme in which the latest technologies are developed to build an intelligent agriculture management system with fully transparent, traceable food value chain. Boasting common values and complementary capabilities, the two industry leaders will be striving to build a solid cooperation network around the globe.

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