TruWeather Solutions Raises Venture Capital Investment Funding

TruWeather Solutions, Inc., a micro weather data and analytics company successfully raised a Series Seed investment from Kluz Ventures, through its The Flying Object and The Next Impact funds. This investment will fuel the enhancement and market penetration of our first product, TruFliteUAS. TruFliteUAS is a micro weather data and business-focused analytic cloud service for the rapidly expanding commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and drone industry.


TruFliteUAS fuses and translates a variety of complex weather data sets into simple Go/No-Go and route weather risk insights accessible via a RESTful web service. TruWeather is powered by advanced micro weather modeling algorithms that reveal localized wind variances caused by terrain and land/water interactions at 1,000 meter or better resolutions. Getting the winds right where UAS fly is vital for power management and successful mission accomplishment without wasted effort or resources as the industry begins flying longer, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions.


“TruWeather resides in the trenches with drone industry stakeholders learning their pain points and building solutions to simplify weather risk assessments,” according to Don Berchoff, CEO of TruWeather Solutions. “This investment accelerates our ability to reduce microclimate uncertainty and translate complex weather data into actionable insights to increase client productivity and margins when weather is a factor.”


The new investment will enable TruWeather Solutions to further capitalize on its position as a US and global leader in the UAS industry. TruWeather plans to expand its scalable mission-focused services to other transportation and logistics industry segments.



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