vHive Demonstrates AI for Cell Tower Equipment ID

vHive, the developer of a cloud-based software solution that enables enterprises to digitize their assets by deploying autonomous drone hives, announced today the enhancement of its autonomous cell tower inspection solution to automatically identify equipment installed on surveyed towers.


“After working with tower companies around the globe, vHive is in a position to create new, valuable insights from data that is gathered in tower inspection surveys”, said vHive CTO Tomer Daniel. “vHive’s AI enables us to rapidly scan through acquired data and identify objects of interest such as telecom equipment for the tower industry. vHive’s flight and data acquisition AI intelligently orchestrates a hive of drones, uniquely enabling our customers to acquire data from complex structures such as cell towers, bridges, buildings and more. We have now demonstrated a data analysis AI, that expands the scope of our offering.”


“vHive strives to provide end to end value to its customers”, said vHive CEO Yariv Geller. “vHive intelligently enables enterprises to deploy off-the-shelf drones and automatically generate comprehensive data that was inaccessible before. We now provide the infrastructure for enterprises to extract targeted information of interest such as tower equipment inventory from the acquired data. Linking this data to inventory management systems enables enterprises to better account for installed equipment, eliminate inaccuracies and improve billing and operational efficiencies.”


vHive provides solutions to companies in a variety of industries ranging from telecom towers, to rail, construction and insurance. vHive enables tower companies and mobile network operators to digitize and gain intelligence on their infrastructure by capturing field data in minimal time and generating 2D, 3D and panoramic tower models to visualize, analyze and share.


About vHive
vHive is the developer of cloud-based AI that enables enterprises to operate autonomous drone hives for the acquisition, management and processing of field data. vHive’s Mission AI™ uniquely enables organizations in a variety of industries such as infrastructure, telecom, rail and civil engineering to scale their drone operations.


To learn more: www.vHive.ai

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