Terra Drone And Argentina’s GPower Jointly Establish Terra Drone Argentina

Japan’s Terra Drone Corporation (CEO: Toru Tokushige) and Argentina-based GPower (CEO: Gregorio Del Campo) have announced the establishment of a local subsidiary called Terra Drone Argentina.


GPower is a leading Oil and Gas service provider in Argentina, specializing in pipeline inspections and maintenance. With a heavy focus on midstream processing as well as petrochemical and mining services, GPower has been providing global solutions to Argentine oil and gas majors like YPF, TGN, and OLDELVAL, for more than 5 years now.

Joining the network of Terra Drone Corporation, one of the world’s largest industrial drone service companies with more than 500 employees, will allow Terra Drone Argentina to further expand its commercial drone services in the oil and gas markets. The newly-formed entity will also focus on transmission lines and mining sectors with help from Terra Drone’s rich portfolio of UAV products and services.

Gregorio Del Campo, CEO, Terra Drone Argentina, said, “This agreement will allow us to utilize the wide network that GPower has established in Argentina. Terra Drone will help us to diversify our business with leading technical know-how of 3D surveying and other innovative technology products.”

With more than 25 group companies already in its network, Terra Drone is always on a lookout to collaborate with cutting-edge drone technology companies.

If you want to support Terra Drone on its quest to generate aerial innovations that have a great impact on the society, please contact info.en@terra-drone.co.jp.

 About GPower
With more than 5 years of overseas presence as a service provider, GPower specializes in oil and gas pipeline inspections and maintenance services, especially in the midstream process and petrochemical and mining sectors. GPower has also cooperated with YPF, TGN, and OLDELVAL – major Argentine oil and gas servicing companies.

About Terra Drone Corporation
Terra Drone Corporation is one of the world’s largest industrial drone service companies with more than 500 employees, established in 2016. The company’s head office is located in Tokyo, Japan, with 25+ branches globally throughout APAC, the European Union, South America, and now Africa. Terra Drone provides innovative industrial drone technologies empowered with LiDAR and photogrammetric surveying methods for construction, electricity, energy, and oil and gas sectors. Terra Drone specializes in high-performance hardware, cutting-edge software, drone services, and drone traffic management systems (UTM).

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