DroneDeploy Receives Rigorous, Comprehensive Security Certification

Demonstrating a commitment to customer data security is essential for any business in the digital age. DroneDeploy, the leader in commercial drone software, has continued its commitment to remaining at the pinnacle of customer data security with the announcement that it has received ISO-27001 security certification — one of the most robust and the only internationally accepted security standard.

DroneDeploy manages data on the tens of millions of acres mapped by more than 4,000 customers across 180 countries. Securing that data is a critical and massive requirement and one that DroneDeploy takes extraordinarily seriously.


DroneDeploy recognized that in a world of ever-changing threats to data security, the company needed to stay ahead of those threats and maximize its ability to close vulnerabilities. It chose to continue its commitment to data security through one of the most rigorous and comprehensive security certifications.


Considered a holistic security certification that goes beyond IT concerns, ISO-27001 certification requires a comprehensive suite of security protocols be put in place designed to maximize the security of customer and employee data.


To meet the certification requirements, DroneDeploy:

  • Undertook a systematic audit of all their information security risks, identifying threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts

  • Developed a comprehensive suite of information security controls designed to address any and all security risks identified

  • Adopted a managerial plan that ensures coherent implementation of the security controls and constant vigilance in updating those controls to identify and meet new threats

For more information visit www.dronedeploy.com

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