Veronte UAV Autopilot Systems Feature Enhanced Performance

The UAV sector continues facing many obstacles as new challenges. Throughout the last months, Embention has made an effort to enhance the Veronte Autopilot to maximize hardware quality and reliability according to the increasingly demanding standards in the drone industry.


Safety, innovation and constant improvement are one of the fundamental pillars at Embention. With more than 10-years experience and a team of more than 50 people working in the Veronte Autopilot, we are absolutely committed with the need to develop high-reliability UAV systems capable of operating in critical areas.


Embention was the first company to develop a control system for commercial drones according to the DO178C and DO254
standards and Veronte Autopilot was the first one to include 4x redundancy. Now, the company continues enhancing the Veronte Autopilot reliability thanks to new manufacturing and quality procedures. Thanks to this philosophy of continuous improvement in our products, we are glad to announce the release of a new Veronte Autopilot hardware with enhanced reliability & performance.


Extended warranty up to 5 years

At Embention we are conscious of the importance of the autopilot system within the drone system in terms of performance and cost. As part of our commitment to our customers and our confidence in the reliability of the control system, Embention has now extended the warranty period of Veronte Autopilots up to 5 years. This long-term commitment provides an additional safeguard to our partners so they can ensure extended reliability in their systems.


Component traceability during the whole manufacturing process.

Traceability of internal components in Veronte Autopilot becomes a fundamental value in order to extend reliability. Autopilot manufacturing process includes the tracking of every single part in the autopilot permitting to ensure a high level of quality in all units and to prevent failures in case one lot of components is defective. This action brings us the chance to make a unique final product with the highest quality in the market.


High grade aerospace components.

Even if the Veronte Autopilot appearance has not changed, internal components have been upgraded to meet the most
demanding requirements from environmental standards: DO160, MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F. All system parts have been revised for including components with extended performance and MTBF enhancing product quality and ensuring a high performance of the Veronte Autopilot for any environmental conditions.


More exhaustive quality procedures.

A fundamental part of the manufacturing process to warrantee the quality of the finished product is therefore that we submit the autopilot to different quality tests during the whole manufacturing process. High volumes in the production of Veronte Autopilot have permitted to go one step further in the industrialization of the manufacturing process, including dedicated personnel and high-grade equipment for each step in the assembly chain.


Extended testing and reliability records.

Together with the implementation of new manufacturing and quality testing procedures, Embention has also included extended traceability of these test. It augments the autopilot datapack available. Manufacturing records are stored at Embention for 5 years and can be used for tracing any unexpected performance or defective lot or for proving system reliability to certification authorities or any other third party that requires it.


Robust PCB coating for standing harsh environmental conditions.

Veronte Autopilot aluminum enclosure is IP67 protected so no water or dust can get into the autopilot when operating in humid environments. This protection may not be enough in cold weathers or at high altitude as the internal humidity in the autopilot may condensate. For this reason, Veronte Autopilot PCBs are coated with special protection that warrantees autopilot performance even in the harshest environments.


One of the main benefits of the Veronte autopilot is its compact size and reduced weight so Embention team has done a big effort to include all these new functionalities in the Veronte Autopilot maintaining same size and weight.


Veronte Autopilot hardware enhancement makes it the perfect choice for critical operations and for the operation of expensive payloads. Besides this effort to improve hardware reliability at Embention we have increased our minimum Autopilot stock reducing delivery times at the time we have reinforced our support team so now we can commit to a 24h response time during labor days.


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