Sky Power Presents New Engine Families At The Xponential 2019

The German UAS engine manufacturer Sky Power presents for the first time a series of new engines in different performance classes to the public at the leading trade fair AUVSI Xponential 2019 in Chicago. The portfolio ranges from small single-cylinder engines based on carburetor technology to 2-cylinder engines with carburetor or injection system.

"We are very proud to be able to present an entire series of new engines at the trade fair. This is an important
step for our young, but the experienced company. We have incorporated more than 30 years of experience of our
employees into developing efficient, reliable and powerful efficient, reliable and powerful engines", states Karl
Schudt, CEO of Sky Power GmbH. The individual engines are bundled in engine families. Consequently, engines
of different design and for manifold fields of application are grouped in the various cubic centimeter classes.
Only the SP-28 is available in just one version, as it is the smallest single-cylinder engine in the portfolio. This
engine is equipped with a carburetor and has an improved cylinder design for better thermal stability. From the
second half of the year the engine will be offered with the newly developed ignition system SP-IGU.

All other engines in the Sky Power portfolio are provided with two spark plugs. "With the SP-28 this is not
possible due to the small cylinder volume of 28 ccm" continued Schudt. Therefore, the next larger single-
cylinder engine is provided with two spark plugs. The SP-55 series, with 55ccm, can be operated both with a
carburetor as well as with an injection system. Both the carburetor and the injection system are positioned at
the side of the crankcase and inject directly into it. As a result, a generator or starter generator can be
positioned on the rear exposed drive shaft, which enables a very compact design of the engine. In addition, the
engine is equipped with the HKZ215 ignition system and the ECU030. "At the trade fair we will present the
engine in a carburetor version. However, the engine is also available in other versions, with injection system
and soon as a Heavy Fuel (HF) variant", as Schudt described the new product philosophy.

Within the engine families, this philosophy always includes the variants with carburetor and injection system.
The HF-engines will be available in the near future. Three different versions based on one engine will be
available to the customers. This also applies to the 2-cylinder engines with 110, 210, 170 and 275 ccm, which
will also be presented at the fair. All engines can be provided with a generator or starter generator on the drive
shaft and are equipped with the HKZ215 ignition system and the ECU030.


The entire engine portfolio can be used for hybrid operations. “What kind of generator power and other
subsystems are necessary depends on the customer’s application. Because of this we presented our Engine Kit
last year, which gives the customer an overview of the different options. Ultimately almost every engine leaves
our production in a different configuration, dependent on the customer’s needs”, stated Schudt. Furthermore,
all engines can be provided with a system carrier, on which the ignition electronics are mounted. As a result,
the engine can be integrated with the most important subsystems in an aircraft to save space.

Sky Power will be attending the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 – All Things Unmanned in Chicago, Booth # 1834,
form April 29 th through May 2 nd .


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