Aeronautica SDLE To Supply Customized Drone For Tenerife Civil Defense

Aeronautica SDLE will provide the Tenerife City Council with a remotely piloted aerial system (RPAS) to be operated by the Drones Unit of the Civil Defence Service. The system will be mainly used for taking images for topography applications, emergency, search and rescue operations.


The authorities of Tenerife count on using this RPAS as well to identify and analyze risks and vulnerable elements; define preventive measures to reduce the detected risks; support at serious risk situations, such as natural catastrophes; ensure a primary rapid response to emergency situations; planning of the Civil Defence presence to operate in emergency situations; and promote corporate and citizen protection actions in prevention and intervention before emergencies.

The Tenerife Civil Defence Drones Unit already has two RPAS for taking images. With the new system provided by Aeronautica SDLE, the Unit increases its capacity to operate in search missions with unfavorable weather conditions.

RPAS Thyra v1

The system to be supplied by Aeronautica SDLE is its Thyra v1 quadcopter adapted to the specific needs requested. The drone weighs less than five kilos and ensures high endurance, it has an internal stabilizer, double control, a monitor with an high brightness screen, an integrated first-person vision camera (FPV), a dual camera with electro-optical sensor and thermal sensor.

The awarded contract also includes the management for the registration and authorization of the drone according to the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) standars. Aeronautica SDLE will also provide training for the technical learning of the pilots forming the Drones Unit, who will be enabled for a complete management of the system, at the pre-flight, flight and post-flight phases, as well as for the maintenance of the equipment.

Aeronáutica SDLE has reduced the project execution period, committing to have the equipment ready in the next weeks. The company, based in Madrid, has also adjusted the budget, giving the best financial offer.

About Aeronautica SDLE

Aeronautica SDLE is the drone division of the Company Star Defense Logistics & Engineeging (SDLE). Focused on the design, development and integration of unmanned aerial systems, Aeronautica SDLE stands out in Defense and Security areas for the development of an anti-drone safety system and for its solutions designed to improve the situational awareness of land vehicles.

SDLE, based in Móstoles (Madrid), has extensive experience in repair and modernization of military vehicles and equipment, as well as being leader in the sector as an independent distributor of spare parts. SDLE is one of the main suppliers of the Spanish Defence, and exports products and services to more than 25 countries. Its continuous growth and the commitment to innovation have led the company to also be a leader in logistical and technological support services.


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