World’s First Universal UAS Solutions Platform Takes Center Stage At Terra Drone Global Summit

Terra Drone Corporation, the world’s leading provider of industrial drone solutions, concluded its maiden global summit in early March with a focus on developing the roadmap for a universal drone solutions platform.


The three-day summit was attended by the top executives of Terra Drone group companies from over 20 countries in AsiaSouth AmericaAfricaand Europe.


The universal drone solutions platform developed by Terra Drone will place these group companies in an elite pool of the world’s leading drone technology solutions providers, opening up new roads for collaboration and customer acquisition. With an aim to facilitate the growth of the drone industry as a whole, the platform will further leverage pathbreaking customer-centric solutions to solve the most complex industrial problems for both the public and the private sector.


The unique technologies of the group companies that came to fore during the Terra Drone Global Summit included both hardware and software, with each exceptional and differentiated solution-set catering to the exact needs of various industries like oil and gas, electricity, mining, construction, utilities, etc. Terra Drone Japan also brought its own unique capabilities to the table with Terra Lidar for high-accuracy surveying, automatic navigation technology for asset inspection, and on-site UTM (unmanned traffic management) system implementation.


Nejc Trost from Slovenia’s C-Astral said, “Over the past 11 years, C-Astral has successfully focused on the technological development of advanced long-endurance electric small UAV systems. Now, we are looking forward to collaborating within the Terra Group to strengthen our global sales and support network. We are also excited about the synergistic effects of systems utilization from within the group to further our R&D and adapt to the most demanding market opportunities.”


The past year has seen Terra Drone develop global business ties at an unprecedented pace. With more than 20 group companies already in its network, Terra Drone is now seeking to collaborate with more partners with cutting-edge drone technologies and leading drone service providers of each country.


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