Terra Drone’s First Global Summit Attended by over 20 Countries

Terra Drone is a market leader in drone technology, spatial and temporal data acquisition and advanced data processing and analytics. Following the recent expansion of their global operations, the organisation’s leaders gathered in Tokyo on March 2, 2019, for a three-day Summit to discuss strategy for the year ahead. Representatives from over 20 countries attended the meeting, including delegates from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Canada, Australia and Russia.


Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Drone, set the tone of the event with an energetic opening address that highlighted the key projects and recent milestones achieved in each branch. Day two saw the team exchange creative solutions and the cutting-edge technology that looks to revolutionise their client’s operations, including advancements in drone, land survey, laser and inspection technology. On the final day, delegates were motivated with an exploration of the company culture and philosophy, centred around the ‘Terra Way’. The event concluded with an enthusiastic discussion on Terra Drone’s future strategy and current business model, which has proven highly effective in seeing the company realise its objectives.


Michael Siagian from Terra Drone Indonesia stated that “the global meeting was a good opportunity to meet members from around the world… I am excited for what’s coming next. I see the future drone business being huge in the global market.” Of Terra Drone CEO, Toru Tokushige, Michael said, “I respect him a lot. He works hard for each branch to do their best. He is a man with a mission!”


Travelling to Tokyo from Brazil, Marcelo Belleti said of the event “in the oil and gas field, we have good relationships with Petrobras following several successful projects. By becoming a business partner with Terra Drone, we believe that we can succeed not only in the oil and gas sector, but also in the mining, power, construction and GIS fields.”


Terra Drone has expanded its global branch network this year with investment in a number of complementary service and technology organisations. Their merger strategy is simple; Terra Drone acquires 51% of a business and assigns an employee to the newly acquired branch to provide support and drive its growth. The freshly formed branches are left to manage the business at their discretion, allowing them to best serve the interests of their local clients. The mergers afford opportunities for start-up and established companies to leverage Terra Drone’s network, technology and experience to market their technology worldwide.


Terra Drone is expanding its business at an unprecedented rate, integrating service and technology to bring innovation to the industrial drone market. Their plans are aggressive, with Terra Drone CEO, Toru Tokushige, stating that “our ultimate goal is to be the world’s leading start-up company in a new industrial domain.”


To find out more about Terra Drone, see their website www.terra-drone.net.

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