Red Cat Releases Blockchain-Based Data Storage, Analytics, and Services Platform in Beta for the Drone Industry

Red Cat, a leading provider of distributed data storage, analytics and services for the drone industry, today announced the beta release of its blockchain-based black box storage, analytics and services platform to make drones trackable and accountable.

Red Cat’s platform release includes several integrated systems that enable industry regulators to track and review drone flight data, insurance companies to insure drones with reliable third-party data, and pilots to ensure compliance with regulators. Red Cat’s black box flight recorder is the first distributed system with secure and encrypted third-party data that regulators and insurance companies can trust.

Both recreational and commercial drone usage will continue to grow globally. According to the WSJ, U.S. regulators expect the number of commercial drones and people flying them to quadruple by 2022. While drone use continues to expand, the regulations and monitoring are not keeping pace. Recently, U.S. lawmakers warned that any serious incidents between drones and commercial aircraft could put the future of the commercial drone industry at risk.

Red Cat’s proprietary platform was designed to address the growing need in this rapidly evolving ecosystem for a simple and secure data storage and analytics solution for regulators, insurance companies, pilots/enterprisers with drone fleets, and drone service companies. Additionally, with new and evolving regulations and new technologies, Red Cat provides services backed by expertise in drones, blockchain, data analytics, AI/ML and the regulatory environment at the center of the drone ecosystem.

“The next phase of the aerospace industry will include commercial aircraft, helicopters and many different kinds of drones in all shapes and sizes,” said Jeff Thompson, CEO of Red Cat. “For drones to have equitable access to airspace, the industry will require reliable and immutable data to ensure accountability and trackability. We developed Red Cat’s black box analytics and storage to enable compliance for the drone industry and ensure safer skies for everyone.”

“As someone on the front line of the First Person View (FPV) freestyle drone community, I see a robust opportunity and market need for Red Cat’s innovative black box analytics platform to secure airspace and contribute to the continued growth of the entire emerging global drone industry,” said Chad Kapper, CEO of Rotor Riot, a company that develops and distributes high performance multirotor components and delivers educational and entertainment video content in order to grow the worldwide FPV community.

Key Red Cat Platform Products and Services

Red Cat’s current product and service offerings include:

  • Blockchain Black Box: Drone analytics and storage allow flight replay with customizable reports that can determine fault or performance issues. Features include encrypted flight logs and AI-powered drone self diagnosis.
  • Blockchain-Based Distributed Storage: Red Cat synchronizes separate silos of data in one easy product. The stored data (GPS maps and logs; video and photos; telemetry logs; inspections and assessments; and accelerometer, GYRO and PID) is all secured and encrypted allowing compliant operations. The open source architecture integrates into any application.
  • RISC V Flight Controller: Flight controller with open source RISC V processor. This System On a Chip (SOC) provides flight controllers with 10x the performance of existing flight controllers.
  • Thrust Engine with AI: Red Cat’s flight log track is powered by AI to automatically track drone and pilot events including lift off, flips, rolls, power loops, crashes, landings, etc.
  • Token Ecosystem: Red Cat’s token can help secure the future of the drone community by creating a token ecosystem that can enable ownership for customers, employees and shareholders. The Red Cat wallet will enable pilots to earn RCAT tokens for achievements and sharing their flight data.

The new beta testing program has been developed based on feedback from top drone pilots and influencers and contains the most up-to-date technology in AI and blockchain in order to optimize drone performance.

To apply to as an early beta tester of Red Cat’s Blockchain Black Box, please complete this brief form. For more information on Red Cat visit,

About Red Cat
Red Cat is a leading provider of secure blockchain-based distributed storage, analytics and SaaS for the drone industry. Through its innovative solutions and leadership, Red Cat provides solutions for regulators to track and review flight data, insurance companies to insure drones, and pilots needed to become compliant with regulators. Red Cat’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver unrivaled innovation that makes drones trackable, accountable and the sky a safer place. Red Cat is headquartered in Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico.


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