Remote GeoSystems Partners with Purdue University, Provides $111,000 Geospatial Software Donation

Remote GeoSystems, Inc., a provider of immersive geospatial video, photo and data recording and reporting software for survey and inspection, is partnering with Purdue University with a gift to the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) degree program and laboratory. The UAS program at Purdue focuses on geospatial data collection and analysis by unmanned aerial systems, also known as “drones.”


As part of the partnership, Remote GeoSystems is providing Purdue with a starting gift of the company’s LineVision video-mapping software suite valued at $111,000, with additional licenses available as needed by students and faculty. Purdue will support Remote GeoSystems as a research and development partner by beta testing new features and technologies and exploring an ever-growing array of applications for Remote GeoSystems’ geospatial software and hardware within the research community.


“Remote GeoSystems is on the leading edge of videogrammetry,” says Joseph Hupy, Ph.D., associate professor with Purdue University’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. Videogrammetry refers to utilizing specific methods and software capabilities for rapidly collecting continuously geo-referenced video and then “geo-editing” and extracting geotagged still photos from the video at user-defined frequencies. These video-derived image datasets are then used to build orthomosaics and 3D models in traditional geospatial imagery processing software.


“Remote GeoSystems is establishing methods to quickly collect and derive the geospatial data from drone videos that will change a number of industries and drive the acceleration of location-based artificial intelligence,” explained Hupy. “Having their software and team connected to Purdue is a significant resource for our evolving UAS program.”


The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology – part of Purdue Polytechnic Institute, one of the 10 academic colleges at Purdue University – is based out of the historic Niswonger Aviation Technology Building, which once housed Amelia Earhart’s airplane.


“Purdue has long been a global leader in aerospace and engineering curriculum and a pioneering institution in the aviation field since the early 20th century,” says Jeff Dahlke, managing director, Remote GeoSystems. “We are proud to now partner with and support the University as their next generation of students takes UAS platforms from novelty to the true airborne workhorses of the 21st century.”


About Remote GeoSystems, Inc.
Remote GeoSystems is a geospatial software and hardware company offering turn-key solutions to easily record, map, report, archive & search continuously geotagged videos, photos and other location-based project files. Products include industry-firsts, patented technologies like those found in the geoDVR™ (geospatial digital video recorder) and LineVision™ suite of geospatial video playback and reporting software.


Unlike traditional video recording systems, the geoDVR systems record video with GPS location and time data. LineVision mapping and inspection reporting software provides users with simple but powerful tools for geographic video analysis, editing and project packaging while leveraging existing enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


These capabilities allow for more efficient and accurate data collection and the creation of reusable aerial, marine and ground-based survey, surveillance and inspection work-products across a broad range of industries including: Unmanned Vehicles, Aerospace & Aviation, Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas, Rail Transportation, Defense & Security, Engineering & Survey and Natural Resources.


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