Sky Power GmbH Decided In Favor Of Ersa Soldering Tools

The German UAS-engine manufacturer Sky Power is refining its production, and in this context has put Ersa
soldering tools into operation. These are used in the in-house electronics workshop.

The new soldering tools are Ersa i-CON 1 soldering stations with integrated solder fume extraction. These are
used for the conversion of ignition systems and other electronics. “Since to a large extent we configure and
manufacture propulsion systems according to customers wishes, we must provide some of our systems for
example with new, longer cables. We perform these conversion measures ourselves in-house, which is why we
were searching for a versatile complete system, that can be used for a variety of tasks", stated Karl Schudt, CEO
of Sky Power GmbH. For today” UAS systems, reliable electronics play a decisive role. “Today’s applications are flying computer systems. The electronics must, therefore, function reliably. Our engines and the associated
control systems are subjected to different, in some cases extreme temperature conditions and high rates of
acceleration. Here the solder joint is therefore given special attention”, declared Schudt.

The i-CON 1 is an electronically controlled system. The digital soldering station is equipped with the ergonomic
and powerful 150 W i-TOOL soldering iron, on which different soldering tips can be mounted very easily. For
Sky Power this was particularly important, in order to be able to react flexibly to future requirements. The
soldering iron is equipped with a motion sensor, which switches the system to an energy-saving and tip-sparing
standby mode when not in use. The easy operation is ensured through the intuitive one-touch control and the
large multifunctional display of the station. The user is notified by an optical information when the optimal
process window is reached. Furthermore, the i-CON 1 has been equipped with a solder fume extraction unit.

Sky Power is a very interesting customer for us, as we have been observing the industry for unmanned
systems for a very long time. In particular the use of drones is a field of application, that will continue to grow
strongly in future. It is therefore important for us, to collaborate with one of the leading engine manufacturers
in this branch”, declared Jörg Nolte, Product Manager for Soldering Tools, Rework and Inspection Systems at


Sky Power GmbH is a leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion- and Wankel engines for UAS (Unmanned
Aerial Systems) and hybrid applications. Besides in-house development and manufacture, Sky Power produces
all engines in Germany. Customer adaptations, new developments and the improved performance of the
combustion engines are a further company objective.


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