Anemoment Expands International Distribution Program

Anemoment LLC, a specialized meteorological instrument design firm located in Longmont, CO, announced today the addition of Sparv Embedded AB to its International Authorized Distribution Program. With their emphasis on improving in-situ sensing in the lower atmosphere, Sparv Embedded has established themselves as a leader in off-the-shelf integration of atmospheric research sensors for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). This agreement expands Anemoment’s European footprint opening new opportunities for Sparv Embedded to further enhance their position in the embedded sensor market.

“The TriSonica Mini is the lightest 3D wind sensor available,” states Anders Petersson, President, Sparv Embedded AB. “This positions the TriSonica Mini to address the blind spot of wind sensing capabilities of small UAVs. We are excited to incorporate the TriSonica Mini into our Sparvio sensing platform.”

Anemoment’s Authorized Distribution Program provides members with access to integration design assistance, product enhancements, sales, engineering and marketing support. Inquiries about Anemoment’s Authorized Distribution Program should be made at:

“Our Authorized Distributors have had a great deal of influence on the direction and development of our TriSonica Mini family of wind and weather sensors,” says Elizabeth Osborn, CEO of Anemoment, LLC. “We strive to attract and maintain active relationships with progressive, like-minded individuals and companies that pride themselves in outstanding customer service and a solution-centric approach to doing business. Andres and his team at Sparv Embedded clearly epitomize this strategy. They are a great addition to our distribution network.”

What Makes the TriSonica Mini So Unique?
It is the world’s smallest and lightest 3D ultrasonic anemometer. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet it is a powerful and highly accurate tool engineered for atmospheric monitoring, weather reporting, and ecosystem research. In addition to wind speed, direction, and temperature, the TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor can report the compass heading relative to the device (magnetic heading), the moisture borne in the wind (relative humidity), the density of the air (pressure), dew point, and the angle of the wind (pitch and roll, up to a 15° tilt). In UAV deployments, where Size, Weight, And Power (SWAP) are critical, the TriSonica Mini truly excels over alternative wind sensors.

About Sparv Embedded AB
Founded in Sweden in 2014, Sparv Embedded AB is an engineering firm specializing in optimizing in-situ sensing in the lower atmosphere through the development and integration of miniature embedded sensor electronics. Their vision is to enable atmospheric measurements for everyone, everywhere! They develop the Windsond miniature radiosonde, UAV sensors, and more.

About Anemoment LLC
Anemoment LLC is a specialized meteorological instrument design firm located in Longmont, CO. Anemoment brings you the world’s smallest and lightest 3-dimensional ultrasonic anemometer. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor is a highly accurate, powerful tool for anyone involved in atmospheric monitoring, weather reporting, turbulence calculations, and ecosystem research. Its size makes it well suited for portable, temporary deployments, while the fact it has no moving parts, thus eliminating maintenance issues, makes the TriSonica Mini perfect for permanent installations. With its exclusive wave signal noise reduction technology, the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor is patent pending. Anemoment gives users the power to “Know the Wind.”


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