Avi Reichental Unanimously Re-elected As Executive Chairman Of Apollo Robotics

Apollo Robotics, a leading provider of affordable autonomous drone solutions for land surveys, today announced the re-election of Avi Reichental as its Executive Chairman. This on the heels of the successful launch at CES 2019 of the Apollo Surveyor, a fully automated, autonomous professional surveying platform affordably delivering aerial data in a fraction of the time. Combining multi-sensoring LiDAR, HD and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, Apollo quickly digitizes and reconstructs any worksite into a highly accurate and instantly actionable 3D model from a single scan to improve surveyors’ overall competitiveness and bottom line.


“As we ready ourselves for a commercial launch, Avi’s breadth of experience growing companies and his deep technological understanding serve as an invaluable asset,” said Rob Cammack, CEO of Apollo Robotics. “Through three years of stealth development and our successful launch at CES 2019, Avi’s experience as an executive, company builder and technologist has opened doors and opportunities for Apollo. As we move toward scaling operations, we expect him to continue to play a central role in attracting strategic partners and investors alike.”


“I am honored to continue as Executive Chairman of Apollo as we continue to expand our reach by exhibiting at Abundance 360 in Los Angeles this week,” said Avi Reichental, Executive Chairman of Apollo Robotics. “With Rob Cammack at the helm as our CEO and the passion and dedication of our incredible co-founders Taylor Dixon, Jacob Hewitt, and Connor Toler – we are assembling an awesome team to propel our autonomous drone solutions forward.”


A member of the XponentialWorks family of companies, Apollo has created an industrial-grade platform that is fully automated, designed to fly unmanned, and is readily available for use on-site and on-demand. This enables professional surveyors to access premium aerial data faster, more safely, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Surveying and engineering companies interested in a development partnership with Apollo are welcome to contact the company via this link.


About Apollo Robotics

Apollo Robotics is a leading provider of affordable surveying drone solutions. The company’s proprietary technology platform enables the digitization of an entire worksite integrating multi-sensing and deep learning technologies that are mission-critical to deliver an industry first affordable and surveyor friendly full-stack process. By combining state-of-the-art LiDAR, HD cameras, and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, Apollo can quickly digitize and reconstruct any worksite into a highly accurate 3D model from a single scan.

For more information about Apollo click or visit https://www.apollorobotics.ai/.


About XponentialWorks

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