Air Sciences uses Aeromapper Talon for high resolution terrain mapping in California Desert

Air Sciences Inc. hired GeosUAS Inc, and Aeromao Inc. to demonstrate the Aeromapper Talon’s capabilities for use in high-resolution terrain mapping of a windy, dry lake bed in Southern California. Air Sciences is considering the Aeromapper Talon to acquire 3 cm resolution DEMs and orthophotos for around 8 km2 to be acquired on regular intervals.  
During the tests, the Talon flew several successful flights of up to 1.5 hrs.  The plane flew and landed successfully when ground level winds were about 15 mph and gusting to 20 mph. Once the images were processed with Pix4D Mapper, the resultant terrain and orthophotos were of high quality, equivalent to data obtained from an industry-grade quadcopter.
For Air Sciences, the Aeromapper Talon is particularly attractive because its price is less than half of its competitors.  Consequently, an operational Talon and a second backup system, still cost less than a single plane from other competitors.  As such, the Aeromapper Talon, in addition to being inexpensive can also provide a unique level of operational reliability, still at a reasonable cost.
The Aeromapper Talon is a turnkey sUAS manufactured by Canadian company Aeromao Inc. and designed for tasks such as mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, monitoring and surveillance. It is a multipurpose fixed wing drone with a multitude of payload options, including high resolution RGB cameras with PPk, thermal sensors, multispectral cameras and various combinations of these.

About geosUAS, Inc.  

Is a United States environmental consulting company which specializes in natural resource assessments for energy, mining, land management and conservation purposes.  GeosUAS incorporate UAS/UAV cutting edge technology like the Aeromapper Talon as well as multirotors to monitor critical resources, find endangered vegetation or conduct overall monitoring and assessments so field scientists can focus on the resource. As a drone service provider, GeosUAS, saw the need to outfit other professionals so its team started to help you grow your business using drones (UAS/UAV) technology by providing a web domain name, technical resources, training and solutions within your discipline.  Business in A Box has over 800 web-domain names to fit any business or industry.
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About Aeromao Inc.
Is the Canadian leading UAV manufacturer, developer of the Aeromapper series of turnkey unmanned aerial vehicles for mapping, surveying, precision agriculture and remote sensing.

With exports to more than 45 countries since 2012, Aeromao Inc. offers a line of products that adapt very quickly to market demands and to unique client’s applications, where no other UAV manufacturer goes.

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