Northwest UAV Becomes Distributor Of Veronte Autopilots And Accessories

Northwest UAV has partnered with Embention to offer the most advanced and user-friendly avionics
systems in the industry. Veronte is the pilot’s choice for advanced professional UAV and Unmanned Vehicle Control. The
Veronte Autopilots are an ideal addition to Northwest UAV’s growing list of product offerings. As the Unmanned Aerial
Systems (UAS) industry continues to grow rapidly, Northwest UAV works hard to continue to identify and promote
modular building blocks for the unmanned systems that complement their own propulsion systems and other offered


“We have developed a strong reputation for providing the most reliable, maintainable, and cost-effective high-performance
propulsion systems,” explained Jeff Ratcliffe, NWUAV Chief Technical Officer. “We are continuing to expand that to other
modular building block components for the UAV industry. UAS developers have come to trust our recommendations for
components for their UAV, often reaching out to ask us which systems we would recommend. We are very selective about
the companies and components that we endorse, and even more selective about what we distribute. We are putting our
name behind the products we are distributing and the companies that make them, and our customers and their end users
can feel confident putting their trust in us.”


Veronte Autopilots joins the broad spectrum of modular building block products for the unmanned
industry that NWUAV offers, both those developed in-house as well as those of other companies.
From engine systems and actuators to transponders and now autopilots, NWUAV has worked for
over a decade to offer the most reliable, cost-effective, and innovative modular building blocks


“When we find the right partners, it’s a win for everyone,” said Joe Gibbs, NWUAV’s VP of
Business Development. “We help them expand their business and they help us offer our
customers a variety of vetted products that work together. With the growth period that the UAV
industry is in right now, a lot of different products are showing up, fast! It can be reassuring for customers to have access
to products that they can count on to work in their project.”


Embention’s Veronte Autopilots are a family of high-reliability avionics, communications, and ground control systems for
real-time adaptive control of unmanned vehicle systems (UAV, USV, UGV). Since 2007, Embention has worked on
developing equipment for unmanned aircraft, and complete UAV / RPAS, including the Veronte Autopilot. The Veronte
Autopilot offers automatic adaptability to changing conditions, such as actuator failure or mass changes, and compatibility
with a wide variety of sensors to provide autonomous sense-and-avoid capabilities. Other features include satellite and
4G connectivity for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations and UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management). Control
modes include fully automatic, full manual, assisted manual and combined, all selectable at any time during flight. Veronte
systems are DO-254 and DO-178/ED-12 compliant which simplifies the path for aviation certification.


About Northwest UAV
As the industry leader in UAV propulsion system design and manufacturing, Northwest UAV (NWUAV) continues to prove its reputation for reliable, cost-effective and innovative UAV engines and support systems through meticulous engineering, testing, and manufacturing. Founded in 2005 by President and Owner Chris Harris, NWUAV continues to safely and effectively manage all aspects of product development, from initial concept design through production and beyond to maintenance and overhauls. When reliability is key, count on the team at NWUAV. AS9100/ISO9001 (AS9104-1) Certified, DCAA compliant operation.


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