GDU Launches SAGA: The Infrared, Open Platform Industrial Drone At CES 2019

GDU, developer of portable, powerful, professional drones, launches its all-new multi-purpose industrial drone, the GDU SAGA, at CES 2019 in Las Vegas on 8 – 11 January, 2019 at Tech East, LVCC, South Halls 1-2, Ground Level, booth 25752.


GDU’s SAGA boasts to fit any payload you need to do your job and this drone beast can carry a load of up to 2.2lbs. GDU SAGA includes a HD 4K camera, both a 10X and 30X optical zoom camera, and quality infrared camera. The open platform empowers businesses to customize their own designs, software, payload and computing of the open-platform for a truly unique and exclusive experience.


GDU SAGA’s infrared camera is unrivaled. GDU has secured an unobstructed supply-chain for all of its cutting edge infrared technology that has been tested time and time again. Wind resistant and rainproof, not only is the infrared camera incredibly accurate resulting in balanced and reliable images but it can also detect heat signatures between -20°K and 150 °K with a 20mK NETD (800 X 600 resolution, 50Hz frame rate).


With an automatic focus button and dedicated micro-focus combined with the adjustable contrast and brightness functionality, the infrared camera creates the most realistic images known to drone technology, today. World-class gimbal orientation enables users to change perspectives quickly, making it ideal for multi-purpose industrial performance.


SAGA also has three flight modes: Standard GPS mode, Sports GPS mode, and Altitude mode where it retains its 15m/s maximum speed while the GPS and visual ultrasonic system are switched from positioning to altitude stabilization.


During the demonstration, the GDU team will fly its new SAGA drone around a cage at the booth, while demoing its state-of-the-art infrared sensors stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal. The GDU team will show SAGA’s infrared capabilities by revealing hidden objects behind a screen.


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