Terra Drone South Africa And Sibanye-Stillwater Complete Underground Mining Demonstration

Terra Drone South Africa is happy to announce that we were corporate with Sibanye-Stillwater and had conducted the demonstration aimed to improve mining solutions.


Terra Drone is a leading commercial drone technology company expanding to global with South Africa and other 9 branches in the world through mining oil &gas, electricity solutions.


Sibanye-Stillwater is widely known as one of the biggest mining company in Africa, generating a high amount of platinum, gold with guarantees miner’s safety as the way of pursuing the sustainability.


The demonstration we conducted this time was to make a SLAM-equipped basement mining drone safely auto-navigate in a tunnel with a height of 3 meters and a width of 3 meters for underground exercises. As a result of the experiment, it was proved that it is possible to realize stable automatic navigation under non-GPS environment and to generate the highly accurate 3D model.


In Africa where the mining industry takes part in a great role, there are many problems in terms of injuries and health damages due to collapse accidents and poor work environment. By utilizing Terra Drone’s SLAM technology, However, it has been proven to be safer and more accurate surveying and inspection than before. We believe that this technology will improve safety and work efficiency of Africa’s mining industry in the future.


Teppei Seki, Terra Drone COO, state ‘we are delighted to implement such a demonstration with Sibanye-Stillwater which is the eminent mining company for reliability and its high reputation, especially now when Terra Drone South Africa is dedicated to underground mining. We will focus on volume calculation by making 3D measurement of stope, survey&inspection for ore path and vertical shaft with Sibanye-Stillwater. This collaboration is going to be a giant step toward the development of underground mining, estimating to be expanded into all Africa.’


  •  Sibanye-Stillwater
    Globally, Sibanye-Stillwater is the third largest producer of platinum and palladium and features among the world’s top gold producing companies.
    Domiciled in South Africa, Sibanye-Stillwater owns and operates a portfolio of high-quality operations and projects, which are located and managed in two regions: the Southern Africa region and the United States region.
    In order to deliver on our vision to create superior value and improve lives, Sibanye-Stillwater aims to deliver sustained, positive cash flows to ensure robust profitability throughout the commodity cycle.


  • Terra Drone South Africa


Terra Drone Africa is located in Krugersdorp and specialized in the development of mining solutions via aerial services.


Terra drone Ltd. is a drone industry-leading company founded in 2016 with 10 branches scattered throughout Africa, Japan, APEC, EU, North America, and Latin America.

Featured are mining, providing essential tools for constructions, electric, energy, oil and gas, using the finest laser and photo surveying methods through our drones. Business layers are high- quality hardware, cutting-edge software, and service, drone management systems (UTM).


For more information, visit https://www.terra-drone.net

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