Altitude Angel Strikes Alliance With Transport Systems Catapult to Deliver UK UTM Project

The news follows the aviation technology company’s recent success in delivering ‘Operation Zenith’: the world’s first comprehensive demonstration of how drones can be flown alongside aircraft in controlled airspace and across an operational international airport. Altitude Angel’s platform provided the management and control of the airspace during the demonstration, establishing the framework for a nationwide UTM solution, thus unlocking the immense value in the commercial drone industry.

Richard Parker, Founder and CEO of Altitude Angel, said “We’re delighted to be involved in a UK focussed UTM Project working closely with UK Government regulators and with the team at Transport Systems Catapult to help drive the industry forward.”

As part of the UTM Project, Altitude Angel will bring its unique approach to the safe management and integration of drones into the UK’s airspace via its GuardianUTM O/S platform.

Mark Westwood, Chief Technology Officer at Transport Systems Catapult, commented “We’re extremely pleased to have Altitude Angel, global leaders in UTM, at the forefront of the development of the UK’s UTM framework. Recently demonstrating their capabilities through Operation Zenith, Altitude Angel is able to bring the technology and expertise necessary to realise Beyond Line of Sight drone operations here in the UK and help strengthen the UK’s position as world leaders in this fast-moving industry.”

Richard Parker, added “Our ability to utilise existing ATM networks and systems and blend those with the ultra-modern and emerging standards in the drone industry, coupled with our automated ‘air traffic control for drones’ technologies means that more of the skies can be opened up for commercial exploitation, especially when this technology is deployed as the foundation of a new national UTM capability.”

Altitude Angel is ready to play the leading role in the UTM Program, and with its UTM technologies, will help ensure the UK remains at the forefront of this fast-moving industry. As it looks to the future, it will continue to partner with companies to develop a scalable solution that will manage the safe integration of drones into airspace across the world which will enable a flourishing drone services economy to emerge.

About Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel is an aviation technology company delivering solutions that enable the safer integration and use of fully automated drones into airspace. Through its Airspace Management platform, GuardianUTM O/S, they deliver the essential software platform that enable national deployments of U-Space compatible services, safely unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities and air navigation service providers to establish new services to support the growth in the drone industry.

The foundation components of GuardianUTM O/S are also available to enable third-party UTM developers to incorporate enterprise-grade data and services into their UTM solutions.

Altitude Angel was founded by Richard Parker in 2014 and is headquartered in Reading, UK.

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About Operation Zenith

Operation Zenith: the UK’s most comprehensive drone trial yet, has shown that drones can be flown safely alongside manned aircraft in controlled airspace. It took place on the 21st November 2018 and was powered by Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM O/S.

Further information about Operation Zenith can be found on the website:

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