Los Angeles-Based Security Company Introduces Private Sector Firms To Latest CUAS Tech

RAS Security Group and several of their clients joined a leading counter-drone technology vendor at one of California’s most recognizable sports stadiums. The live demonstration successfully showed the newest counter-drone detection and mitigation technologies that can be rapidly deployed to large public venues, airports, and other critical infrastructure sites.
Ryan Schonfeld, Founder & CEO of RAS Security Group explains why he is introducing this specific drone technology to his clients, “We are committed to maintaining a forward-thinking approach to the evolving threat landscape and the solutions to help mitigate them. Recognizing drones as an emerging threat to our customers, the RAS team spent months vetting the many entrants in the CUAS field and presenting this option to our customers. For this stadium and other large public venue clients, the ability to detect and mitigate a threat is exactly the solution they need to implement”

Using a proprietary technology, a team of drone technical experts was able to intercept potential drone threats with a 100 % success rate. This technology sets itself apart from competitors by taking control away from offending pilots and either returning the drone to its launch point or landing them quickly and safely in a predesignated area. A team of drone pilots conducting offensive maneuvers presented a variety of security scenarios including one in which an authorized drone remained unaffected while offending drones were marshaled to a secure location. The final scenario was a recreation of an incident at a major US sporting event. The particular scenario involved an incoming swarm of four drones which were then electronically intercepted and redirected within seconds. In every case, offending drones were safely landed in a predesignated secure zone.


For more information on how drone detection and mitigation can support your business please contact RAS Security Group visit www.rassecuritygroup.com

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