Thrust-UAV and Kodak Announce The KODAK RIOT 250R Pro Sport Drone Launch

PCS Edventures!, Inc., (PCSV) a leading provider of K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs, and its subsidiary Thrust-UAV, a drone manufacturing company and an authorized Kodak brand Licensee, announced the availability of the American-made KODAK RIOT 250R Pro Sport Drone, a first-person view (FPV) drone capable of reaching speeds of over 75mph.


The KODAK RIOT Sport Drone was inspired by professional pilots to deliver fantastic flight performance. Built for the consumer market, this cutting-edge, high-performance drone takes pilots into the cockpit as they speed across the sky. Wearing FPV goggles, the pilot receives real-time video feedback which is transmitted from the special FPV camera mounted to the drone to experience an exciting in-the-moment flight.


The KODAK RIOT Sport Drone’s 49 programmable LED lights and power distribution board are enclosed in an impact resistant polycarbonate skirt. Coupled with carbon fiber baseplates and arms, a modular design, readily available spare parts, and some of the best customer service available, the KODAK RIOT Sport Drone is one of the most fun and durable sport drones on the market.


“The Kodak licensing agreement is an incredible opportunity for both Thrust-UAV and Kodak,” said Joe Egusquiza, Director of Business Operations for Thrust-UAV. “It’s bringing together Kodak, a company whose brand has been a global symbol of trust for generations, and Thrust-UAV, a cutting-edge UAV design and development team. Kodak’s global presence, branding and retail experience, combined with Thrust-UAV’s dedicated design, development and production capabilities in the drone market, create the synergy to make a big impact in this rapidly-growing market.”


“As the drone market continues to expand into versatile areas such a drone racing, we are excited about our collaboration with Thrust UAV to launch the new KODAK RIOT Sport Drone into this dynamic market,” said Joel Satin, Director of Brand Licensing and Vice-President Consumer & Film Division, Kodak.


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