Hangar Announces Integration with Procore to Make Aerial Imagery Actionable

Hangar Technology, Inc., the world’s first end-to-end platform for drone-enabled insights, today announced an enhanced partnership with Procore, a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction, to make visual insights actionable across construction sites. The partnership will allow Procore and Hangar to expand their existing partnership and enhance the value they bring to ENR 400 construction firms.


“Hangar has leveraged the power of the Procore platform to enable users to connect aerial project data directly to Procore’s Observations – where it can be assigned and tracked to drive action and resolution on the jobsite. We are excited for our shared customers to see improved project outcomes driven from this powerful combination,” said Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager, Procore.


Hangar JobSight gives construction professionals hassle-free, “request and receive” access to drone visual insights. Hangar automates the entire drone data supply chain, eliminating the cost and complexity traditionally involved with leveraging drones, and unlocking previously unseen visual insights and perspectives that help businesses work more safely, efficiently and intelligently.


“I just have to say what I want captured, when and how often, and imagery starts appearing days later,” says John Andres, Operations Technology Manager at Andres Construction. “They repeatedly capture all my sites the exact same way, and give me the best variety of perspectives with the best interface on the market. Together with Procore, I can observe, document and communicate across my entire project portfolio.”


Through a seamless platform integration, companies leveraging both Procore and Hangar will have the ability to pair visual imagery with project documentation. Any user, from the field to the office, can browse visual project data within Hangar, and seamlessly link observations directly into their Procore project account.


“The integration is designed to streamline how users access and communicate critical visual information, gain situational awareness and historical context, and enable fact-based decisions that allow teams to work smarter and more efficiency,” says Lamar Milstead, Director of Sales at Hangar. “When you see the integration in action, you’ll never interact with your project the same way again.”


Hangar will demo it’s newest integration at Procore’s annual Groundbreak conference in Austin, Texas, November 13-15, at booth #202.

About Hangar 
Hangar is transforming how industries understand the physical world with 4D InSight™. Hangar captures data in the X, Y and Z plane, and intelligently integrates the added dimension of time – providing a never before seen view of the physical world, over time, from many perspectives and sensor types.

Hangar combines drone hardware, software, and data analytics into an end-to-end platform that automates the collection, transformation and viewing of spatial data and visual intelligence. With products like JobSight, Hangar gives Construction owners and operators the previously unseen insights they need to work more safely, efficiently, and intelligently.


For additional information, visit hangar.com/jobsight.

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