ConnexiCore Partners with Cape For End-to-End Drone Integration and Intelligence

Cape, the leading cloud platform for drone telepresence and data management, today announced a partnership with ConnexiCore to provide end-to-end aerial telepresence and intelligence solutions for companies across industries, including public safety, oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, and insurance.


As part of the Cape reseller program, ConnexiCore customers can now fully leverage the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform. With access to real-time video streaming, customers gain accelerated turnaround time for video collection, as well as enhanced safety capabilities including the ability to define custom geofences, no-fly zones, minimum and maximum altitudes, and maximum speeds. Through the partnership, Cape customers gain access to ConnexiCore’s turnkey drone services and solutions, including image and video analysis, surveying and mapping services to enable faster, more informed decisions.


“In business today, the ability to make informed decisions quickly is paramount to success,” said Cape CEO, Chris Rittler. “We are excited to be partnering with ConnexiCore to help companies more quickly and safely capture the aerial intelligence needed to drive action and improvements, and ultimately maximize their drone investment.”


As part of the partnership, Cape and ConnexiCore will have joint booths at the ISC East Unmanned Security Expo, the world’s largest security trade show, November 14-15 in New York City. Located at booths 84 and 86, the companies will offer attending security and law enforcement professionals the opportunity to remotely pilot a drone located thousands of miles away using the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform.


“Across nearly every industry, drones unlock some of the most impactful data for driving critical efficiencies and improvements,” said Frank Segarra, CEO, ConnexiCore. “We look forward to partnering with Cape to extend the impact of our services, and provide companies with one of the most comprehensive drone integration and intelligence offerings available today.”


Cape’s leadership in telecommunications was recently recognized when the company was selected to the “GSMA 100”, a global innovation discovery initiative developed by GSMA to identify and advance the next generation of connectivity and digital services. Today, Cape technology is relied upon by enterprises and government organizations in markets around the world, including the U.S., Australia, Middle East, and Mexico. One of the longest-tenured companies in the commercial drone software space, Cape is one of the first and only companies in the U.S. to be awarded precedent-setting waivers under both Section 333 and Part 107 regulations, and has performed more than 100,000 flights.


About Cape 
Cape unlocks the full potential of commercial drones, giving companies all of the benefits with none of the traditional hassle. Every day, Cape users log in to the Cape Aerial Telepresence™ platform, connect to physical drones around the world, and safely conduct flights with remote visibility to capture live, high-resolution video. The only cloud-based system for drone telepresence and data management, Cape provides secure, real-time visualization that increases productivity and operational efficiency and improves safety. Since its founding in 2014, Cape has been a leader in software for drone usability, and the trusted drone software solution for a wide range of use cases, from construction and public safety to oil & gas and agriculture. To date, more than 100,000 Cape-enabled drone flights have been completed with zero incidents.


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About ConnexiCore 
ConnexiCore™ is an on-demand nationwide UAV Drone Solutions Provider specializing in drone data collection, image and video analysis, surveying, and mapping services. ConnexiCore creates value by delivering data efficiently and effectively through our secure cloud-based content management platform called ConnexiCore Cloud, making our clients mission data capture, analysis, and actionable tasks extremely simple.

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