FUSE Tether System Completes Law Enforcement Flight Operations at Multiple Large Public Events

Drone Aviation Holding Corp. , a manufacturer of tethered drones and lighter-than-air aerostats today announced that its FUSE Tether System (FUSE) has been utilized by additional state and local law enforcement to enhance security at a growing number of large public outdoor events and venues for day and nighttime operations.


Distributed by partners such as Drone Nerds and in collaboration with state and local first responders and partners, FUSE continues to expand the operational footprint of tethered operations into nighttime missions recently supporting Arizona and Florida-based law enforcement departments for safety monitoring of festivals and an array of large outdoor gatherings. Recent flight operations include:

  • The Oro Valley Police department in Arizona has completed several operational flights utilizing FUSE, highlighted by its use at a large outdoor music festival attended by over 8,000 music fans. To learn more about how the FUSE Tether System can assist law enforcement and public safety organizations at large outdoor events, please find a new informational video at the Company’s website here or at Drone Aviation’s YouTube channel.
  • On October 31, 2018, Drone Aviation’s FUSE Tether system was utilized in a nighttime operation during a major Halloween festival by a South Florida Police Department in a test to evaluate the effectiveness of several new crowd safety monitoring technologies including persistent tethered unmanned aerial systems.


“Increased use of FUSE further demonstrates our successful efforts to adapt our proven, military-grade tether technology to the needs of local law enforcement where easy to use, long-duration drone operation can significantly enhance public safety at large outdoor events,” said Dan Erdberg, President of Drone Aviation. “We look forward to working with our growing network of partners and affiliates to increase the awareness and deployment of tethered drones by those organizations dedicated to enhancing the safety of our families and communities.”


The FUSE Tether System is powered by a proprietary mix of hardware and software in a customized power pack and an Automated Smart Tension Control Winch Case with 200 feet of tether supporting 110-volt ground power sources such as portable generators. With the FUSE tethering system, DJI M200 users can dramatically and cost-effectively increase drone flight time with uninterrupted power from the ground while benefiting from improved safety. Safety is enhanced by FUSE’s use of an onboard backup power pack and tether connected to the Company’s proprietary automatic tether tension management system. FUSE is based on the same military-grade advanced technology utilized in the Company’s tethered products sold to the U.S. Department of Defense.


To learn more about Drone Aviation’s tethered products and technology including product videos, please visit www.droneaviationcorp.com


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