The Sky Guys Enters US Market Through Landmark Partnership With DataWing Global

The Sky Guys  Canada’s top unmanned aerial system (UAS) solutions provider, announced this week they have partnered with DataWing Global to provide turnkey aerial data solutions to their respective clients across a wide range of sectors within the North American market. DataWing Global is a leading U.S. aerial intelligence firm with over 100 years of combined leadership experience in oil and gas, insurance, aviation, business management, analysis, and emergency response operations.


“Aerial data can help businesses save a lot of time and money,” commented Adam Sax, President & CEO of The Sky Guys. Sax noted the UAS industry is in the early phases of consolidation, and that “This partnership allows The Sky Guys and DataWing Global to share expertise and provide more compelling value proposition in an evolving marketplace. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions with clients in mind.”


This partnership allows both companies to expand their offerings to meet the rapidly evolving and increasingly sophisticated needs of enterprise customers. The Sky Guys and DataWing Global are positioned to provide cutting-edge UAS solutions to a broader market base, including customers in Energy, Insurance, Government, and Construction.


The Sky Guys are Canada’s leading UAS solutions provider, offering turnkey solutions to enterprise customers through precise operations and advanced technology, including AI-based analytics and their landmark project the DX-3 Vanguard, capable of flying for 24 hours and up to 1500km in range.


Founded by ex-Air Force pilots, DataWing Global has extensive operational capabilities in over 30 US States across a fleet of 500+ UAS pilots and Cessna’s, on top of powerful analytics, reporting, and consulting services.


“This has been a tremendous year for drone technology adoption in many industries,” stated Steven Fargo, CEO of DataWing Global. “Whether companies choose to insource or outsource, DataWing has helped them prepare for long-term success. Working alongside the Sky Guys will allow us to leverage both company’s experience to reach further into market verticals and offer additional value to forward-thinking clients.”


“Our respective companies have seen tremendous growth and success over the past few years. We want to share and leverage our expertise, which is why we’ve partnered with DataWing. The time is now to solidify our position as a global leader in turnkey aerial intelligence solutions,” concluded Sax.


About The Sky Guys

The Sky Guys are global leaders in drone-enabled solutions and technology, leveraging drones to capture, analyze, and report on data for business insight in big industry. With a heavy emphasis on automating complex, recurring operations that are required for compliance and growth, The Sky Guys offers leading-edge inspection, surveying and progress tracking solutions to clients across a wide range of sectors.

The Sky Guys also develops proprietary drone technology and advanced data analytics for industry and military. Our latest platform, the DX-3, is a fixed-wing UAS capable of flying for over 24 hours and covering an operation range of over 1500kms, carrying multiple payload sensors from high-res cameras, optical zoom camcorders, to IR and LiDAR. This platform was designed to service niche industries such as oil and gas pipeline monitoring, power and utility corridor mapping, mining, defense, security and emergency response efforts.

Since being founded in March 2015 in OakvilleCanada, The Sky Guys has grown to a client base to over 600 distinct entities across a wide range of sectors and is now ranked in the Top 20 Drone Operators Globally (Drone Industry Insights) and the #1 drone operator in Canada for inspections, surveying and mapping. The Sky Guys deploys its services globally through a robust network of pilots and corporate partnership in cloud data management.


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