DroneShield Announces The Launch Of The Additional Product DroneCannon RW

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce a launch of the additional product DroneCannon RWTM, in response to end-user requirement1.

Historically, DroneShield has focused on “soft kill” counterdrone solutions, which means that Dcounter-drone products interdict drones through technological interference rather than physical kinetic impact. Military users around the world recognise that “soft kill” drone defences are particularly effective, however, they already have in service “hard kill” systems that are not drone defence-focused (a “hard kill” system is  a conventional kinetic weapon that affects its target by physical impact, through bullets and other projectiles). User feedback is that many global militaries are seeking “soft kill” solutions that integrate with their existing “hard kill” systems.

Consequently, the newly-released DroneCannon RWTM is a lightweight “soft kill” counterdrone jammer which  is designed for use on remote weapon stations (unmanned gun systems) as part of a combined “hard kill/soft kill” layered system. It is system-agnostic and can be integrated with any third party remote weapon station, thus allowing manufacturers of unmanned weapons systems to add a “soft kill” option to their existing products, which may already be in service.

The system is available for use either as a stand-alone, or a vehicle-mounted product.


Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO commented: “The release of DroneCannon RWTM results in two important milestones for DroneShield. Firstly, DroneShield is now one of the very few defense and security companies enabling its customers to utilize a combination of soft kill and hard kill counter-drone solutions, with an optional detection add-on through other DroneShield products, all seamlessly integrated into one system. Secondly, this system continues our entry into the on-vehicle counter-drone segment, following our recent Rapid ScoutTM partnership, something that is technologically challenging and unique in the market.”


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