Antonov Unveils Long-endurance Unmanned Aircraft System Concept

Ukrainian aerospace company Antonov unveiled a scale model of the long-endurance unmanned aircraft system at the military exhibition in Kyiv.


According to the company’s statement, Antonov developing a new generation of the long-endurance unmanned aircraft system for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.


The new unmanned aircraft system (UAS) will be used as a high-altitude platform covering a unique capability to perform strike, coordination, and reconnaissance against high-value, fleeting, and time-sensitive targets.

The new Antonov’s UAS is intended to perform the following missions and tasks: intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, close air support, combat search and rescue, precision strike, buddy-lase, convoy/raid overwatch, target development, and terminal air guidance.


The unusual feature of new UAS is are mounting of rotor engines mounted at the end of each tailplane. The UAS will have a maximum take-off weight of 6,000 kg and can carry a payload of 400-600 kg. It has a maximum flight altitude of 12,200 m and a speed of 310-420 km/h.


The Antonov’s UAS is approximately 13,9 m in length, has a 24,63 m wingspan and is powered by a two engine.


The unmanned system incorporates nine pods under the wings to carry munitions for combat operations. Each pod has can carry air-to-ground missiles or other precision weapons.


The new UAS will be the first high-altitude long-endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial vehicle in the company’s portfolio.



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