Airborne Works Introduces Drone Donation Program for Public Safety Departments

Airborne Works founded and introduced a drone donation program whereby public safety departments nationwide may apply to receive UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) equipment at no cost. There is no limit to the type of equipment or cost a department may request. Requests may be made through


Airborne Works is looking to partner with drone manufacturers and repair facilities as well as individual drone owners who are willing to donate equipment, services or financial support to the program. Donated equipment must meet basic minimum hardware requirements and will be thoroughly tested and repaired by Airborne Works before being given to a public safety department.


The availability of UAV / UAS technology can often mean the difference between life and death, measured in seconds and minutes in emergency situations. With the high cost of this technology, many public safety departments across the country cannot afford to purchase the equipment and therefore go without. Airborne Works hopes to alleviate this challenge and help to put “eyes in the sky for every department in need.”


“Please help spread the word as we feel for those departments in need of UAV technology, ” Langley explains. “ As a custom UAV solutions provider, my company Airborne Works has a view from the inside of this growth industry. At times I feel some UAV asset manufactures treat our public safety agencies like a cash cow, and frankly, that bothers me! I wanted to do something about it and NPS-DDP is it! Every community in this country benefits from the selfless deeds of our public safety officials who risk their lives to save ours or our property! We know there are many grateful persons and corporations that will support the NPS-DDP initiative through sponsorships and private voluntary donations. 100% of that will go to fund our efforts to keep putting “eyes in the sky for every department in need TM ” One donation at a time. “


About the Company

A professional drone company headquartered in Connecticut with operations in Charleston SC and soon California, Airborne Works offers professional drone services, including digital data collections services, aerial cinematography imaging, 3D modeling / mapping services including thermal. An authorized national dealer of FLIR thermal imaging equipment and Leica geospatial Lidar scanners as well as other high tech UAV / UAS solutions.


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