Hoverfly Advances All-Weather Design With New LiveSky SENTRY UAS

Hoverfly Technologies Inc., America’s leading tether-powered drone manufacturer is pleased to announce its NEW all-weather LiveSky SENTRY line of tether-powered UAS.


The all-weather LiveSky SENTRY is designed to meet IP54 and MIL-STD-810 standards and is now a military-grade tether-powered UAS available for any mission.


IP54 standards define the level of protection for extreme conditions like dust, water and moisture and MIL-STD-810 defines U.S military environmental test requirements for conditions where the LiveSky SENTRY is expected to operate. “Compliance to these standards means our military, public safety and commercial security customers who need the ability to operate in harsh environments can rely on the new battle-ready and tested tether-powered UAS, the LiveSky SENTRY,” says Hoverfly CEO Rob Topping.


In addition to its new all-weather capability, Hoverfly has developed three versatile system configurations. The new precision landing platform called SkyBox comes either in an enclosed covered or uncovered design. SkyBox represents a true autonomous enterprise solution that can be remotely controlled through cloud-based software or an SDK kit for seamless integration. SkyBox operates autonomously from anywhere — even from the back of a pick-up truck. The third configuration is a mobile tether kit featuring an integrated landing nest and hand-held tablet for expeditionary applications that require fast deployment.


Demand indicators have been extraordinary, so customers are encouraged to place pre-orders now for the LiveSky SENTRY UAS scheduled for shipping in November.


For more information on pre-orders, please contact sales@hoverflytech.com.


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