MMC Announces Whole Range of Drone Products and Strategic Partnerships

In Jiaxing, China, Shenzhen MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co., Ltd. (MMC) held a conference displaying a whole range of drone products including aircraft, components, flight control systems, payloads systems, data communication systems and propulsion systems. MMC also invited a new cooperation concept – win-win strategic cooperation for the entire drone industry.


Strategic Cooperation

Over 200 participants attended the conference including International ISO authorities from US, Germany, UK, ItalyJapan and South Korea, global drone purchasers, partners (Actiondrone, India Eye, SMD, TOPXGUN, YouUAV), system integrators and developers, world-famous companies (Siemens, Nokia, Alibaba Cloud), AEROSPACE, 5iMX, and journalists from huanqiu.


MMC also announced its strategic cooperation with BSHARK, Artosyn, and Alibaba Cloud to promote the development of the entire drone industry.



This conference exhibited 2 main drone models, 1 flight controller, 5 video transmitters, 2 ground stations, a whole pack of intelligent batteries and charger devices – all independently developed by MMC.


MX4-850, a foldable and detachable small size industrial drone with 51 minutes flight time, 5 km operation range of handheld remote controller and professional GSP24 control station with up to 10 km operation range.


A6 Plus, the most stable industrial drone with 70 minutes flight time, 10 kg payload capacity and compatible with different payloads.


FC1 Flight Controller with shock-absorbing structure and dual IMU redundancy design, 5 video transmission systems cover a 3 – 20 km communication range with the lowest latency and the most competitive price.


GSM1P Handheld Remote Controller and GSP24 Control Station with real-time HD transmission performance and intelligent batteries and charging device.


Cooperation Gifts

To expand drone applications and accelerate development of the commercial drone industry, MMC prepared 1,000 plug-and-play connectors as gifts to the guests.


“I believe a company can only thrive alongside the whole industry,” said Mr. Lu, the president of MMC.


About MMC

Established in 2009, MMC has spent a decade boosting the growth of industrial drones. From the major airframe and crucial flight controlling system to the practical application related payloads, several global service centers have been built to bring convenient drone service to clients and meet their requirements in a timely fashion. MMC greatly appreciates its industrious staff and grants them stock. Every year, revenue doubles and the company has grown from 10 people to 500.

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