Global UAV Receives Authorization for Beyond Visual Line of Site Drone Flight Testing

Global UAV Technologies Ltd., a diversified and vertically integrated drone technology company, is pleased to announce that Transport Canada has authorized Global UAV’s wholly owned subsidiary Pioneer Aerial Surveys Ltd. (“Pioneer Aerial”) to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (“BVLOS”) operations with the NOVAerial Procyon 800E at the Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS”) test range located in Foremost, Alberta.

Pioneer Aerial has been issued a Special Flight Operating Certificate (“SFOC”) by Transport Canada, which allows for BVLOS flights at the Foremost UAV Range in Alberta, Canada. The SFOC allows Pioneer Aerial to demonstrate delivery of payloads with the Procyon 800E, in addition to research and development flights, such as radio signal strength testing. The BVLOS flight test plans will align the Company to apply for Transport Canada pilot project approval for future flights and operations in unrestricted airspace.

The SFOC was granted to Pioneer Aerial after a strict review and analysis conducted by Transport Canada on the systems, crew qualifications, flight safety manuals, and other presented information. Global UAV is very pleased that Pioneer Aerial passed such a strict review which validates their current operating practices. Strong safety practices combined with Pioneer Aerial’s expertise in geophysical surveying are critical to the company’s successful operations around the globe in various regulatory environments and for multi-national mining organizations with strict safety standards.

“The first step to being able to conduct routine BVLOS operations in non-segregated airspace in Canada and the United States is to prove the capabilities of a UAS at a test range. Transport Canada’s approval of these operations with the Procyon 800E validates the diligence of the Global UAV group of companies in developing safe and efficient operating protocols, and the design and manufacturing standard of the Procyon 800E. Being able to conduct BVLOS operations will open up market verticals previously considered not economic for UAS, especially public safety and linear asset management,” stated Michael Burns, CEO, Global UAV Technologies Ltd.

About Global UAV Technologies

Global UAV Technologies Ltd. is a vertically integrated drone technology company within the commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (“UAV”) sector. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries – Pioneer Aerial Surveys Ltd., High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc., UAV Regulatory Services Inc., and NOVAerial Robotics Inc.– Global UAV Technologies Ltd. provides a full spectrum of UAV-based services and products including drone research and development and manufacturing, flight services and regulatory compliance. Global UAV Technologies Ltd. will continue its growth through technology development, expanding the business of its current divisions and the continued evaluation of potential acquisitions. Global UAV is well positioned for growth as a vertically integrated drone technology company.

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