Aerobotics Offers NC and SC Farmers Free or Discounted Services for Damage Assessment and Recovery from Florence

Precision Agriculture Company Aerobotics Offers Farmers Affected by Hurricane Florence Free and Discounted Access to Technology to Assess Tree Crop Damage.

Aerobotics, a global precision agriculture company based in Cape Town, South Africa, is making its tree crop scouting technology available to farmers affected by Hurricane Florence for free or at a discounted rate. The discount will depend on the acreage and specifics of each farm.

Aerobotics uses proprietary software and imagery from drones to assess the damage caused by pests, diseases, and other external factors. The assessment of tree crops goes down to the individual tree canopy level. To date, farmers and members of the agricultural industry from around the world have used Aerobotics’ technology to assess more than 6 million trees. The Aerobotics team understands the pain, stress and damage weather can cause farmers and believes its technology can be used to help farmers through these difficult times.

“While we are a profit-making business, many of us are farmers or grew up in farming communities and, therefore, want to help farmers suffering from Hurricane Florence,” said James Paterson, Aerobotics CEO, “Depending on the size of the farm and circumstances, we can offer farmers our products and technology for free or for very discounted rates to help them assess the damage done to their tree farms and get their farms back up and running as quickly as possible.”

Hurricanes can have devastating effects on farms and the agricultural industry as a whole. Hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017 and caused widespread problems for the citrus industry and farmers in general. According to the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, Hurricane Irma caused $2.5 billion in agricultural losses, with the citrus industry alone losing more than $760 million.

Aerobotics’ technology is used to help farmers scout their fields, quickly identify trees with pests or disease and plan and maximize their yields. Due to the technology’s precision, it can also identify damage caused by hurricanes quickly and accurately, so farmers can deploy resources to areas of the farm that need it the most and need it the quickest.

“Our hope is that we can use the technology that is monitoring over 6 million trees around the world in the areas that are affected by Hurricane Florence,” said Andrew Burdock, Aerobotics COO. “At Aerobotics, we believe in being not just a business, but also a partner of the agricultural industry around the world. And right now, that means helping out our friends in North Carolina and South Carolina when they need it the most.”

Aerobotics is asking all interested farmers to contact them through their website,, so the Aerobotics team can field inquiries, get in contact with the farmers and recommend assistance that can be offered now and when Hurricane Florence finally clears the region. Some of the more specific ways Aerobotics can help farmers after Hurricane Florence are:

Damage assessment: quickly assess the damage done by Hurricane Florence to tree farms Precision information and tree health gathering: use drones and Aerobotics’ software Aeroview to identify damaged and missing trees Mapping and response: use Aerobotics’ software Aeroview to determine response and remediation priorities on the tree farm to ensure the areas and specific trees on each farm get the attention needed quickly and methodically Pest and disease monitoring: conduct routine drone flights after initial assessment to spot disease and pests on individual trees before they spread to other areas on the farm Insurance claims: aggregate data on the tree farm to expedite the insurance claim process, so farmers can get the resources they need to repair their farms as quickly as possible.

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